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  1. Mangix

    May Desktops

  2. Mangix

    May Desktops

  3. Mangix

    Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 released!

    Thank god Opera has built-in E-Mail functionality. it just makes my life so much easier :hello:
  4. Mangix

    April Desktops

    http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/4016/sshot7cp2.jpg It's a little boring, but nevertheless, i like it.
  5. Mangix


    tried it and it found one registry entry which was left by ErrorNuker. That was sweet considering i clean my registry on a monthly basis.
  6. Mangix

    Your browser

    Opera for me
  7. Mangix

    Are you a blogger?

    i have a blog but i don't update it. it's not like anyone will read it though...
  8. Mangix

    March Desktops

    Time for a new thread for the new month! new one today. i'm tired of the PNG madness, so today, the wallpaper is in JPG. i don't care that much anyways. btw, notice the playback buttons that i put on there. They kick a**!
  9. Mangix


    ObjectDock. when i tried using RocketDock a few months ago, it kept flickering when i zoomed out of it. it also hooks its own dll into every process but doesn't show on the dock if the process is active or not. RK Launcher and ObjectDock are better.
  10. Mangix

    February Desktops

    here's mine today. i made a clean and a dirty version. the dirty one has foobar2000 playing "Cast Down the Heretic". very good song by Nile. and at 3:32, Karl Sanders does one awsome solo. it's also my new config(didn't like the WMP11 one that much). Anyways, Enjoy! Dirty: Clean: for the Curious ones, the visual style is called Glassic and the wallpaper is from the band Heavenly
  11. Mangix

    January Finalists

    Dimmu Borgir actually http://home.online.no/~franholm/dimmu/down...Background7.jpg edit:blah, i'm losing :(
  12. Mangix

    Windows updates

    for me, there was an extra update in the hardware section which said "Laser Mouse" drivers or something like that. I don't even have a laser mouse :happybday:
  13. Mangix

    February Desktops

    since i feel a bit lazy today, i'll only give a clean version... Blobs!
  14. Mangix

    In Need Of Some XP Folder Icons - Different Colours

    heh hem. http://icolorfolder.sourceforge.net/
  15. Mangix

    QuickTime Alternative

    personally, i should just get rid of the QuickTime alternative. ffdshow and mplayer(main player that i use) support .mov files perfectly. and i also believe that ffdshow and mplayer both have support for Real Media, soooo...