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  1. Ultric

    Uber Slow Startup

    Other software.... none really. And defrag hasn't been needed. Fragmentation has remained at 0%.
  2. Up until recently (around a week ago) my brand new super fast computer suddenly began to take forever to start up. I'm running Windows 7 and the last thing that happened before the problem was me installing Crysis, but the problem started a day or two after that. I've heard that other people got the same problem with different precursors, so I don't think Crysis is to blame. Any ideas anyone?
  3. Yeah, that's what I thought. The only problem is, he won't believe me.
  4. My dad recently bought a laptop off of craigslist. It had been running the beta of Windows 7 and had a lot of junk on it. He managed to restore the laptop's original OS (Vista), but it was running slow and didn't really work right. He tried to restore the computer using the recovery partition, but it apparently failed. He also tried using my laptop to burn a recovery disk to see if it would work too (since they're similar models), but that didn't work either. I'm pretty sure it's a dv9610 from HP. He just sent it off to a shop to get it looked at, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here in case anyone might have an idea. It started a few times, but after a while, it would always get these gray bars all across the screen. Personally, I think it's the motherboard or the fan (or both) because my old laptop did something similar. Any ideas would be great.
  5. I do. I've got Orange Box, Universe at War, Shattered Horizon, Borderlands, Braid, Altitude...etc. Maybe I'll run into someone from here some time.
  6. Ultric


    I don't know why I'm here. I slammed my face into my keyboard and hit enter to get here. It looked like a cool place, so I signed up. I heard that cool Malware Toolkit thing being talked about in a game I play. I can't remember who was talking about it though. Anyways, hey. I'm Ultric.
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