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  1. Theres some dust caked ontop of the cpu fan, i will clean that and see if it gets better. Open Hardwaremonitor gives me the same temp ranges.

    List of stuff i will try x.x

    1.Clean CPU Fan

    2. Get a side 80mm fan

    3. get a new heatsink/fan

    4. Get a new case

  2. After upgrading my Psu to 750 Watts and video card from Gts 250 to Gtx 560 Ti, I was checking temps of my video card and cpu. Turn out my video card temp is fine but my CPU temp seemed high to me.

    I have a Intel E8400 3.0 Ghz CPU, During idling it sits at around 50-60 degrees C, while gaming it jumps to anywhere from 80-95. Is this normal?

    I have one fan on the rear of my comp on exhaust at this moment. I am also using the heatsink/fan my CPU came with.

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