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  1. Thunderbird is a fast, flexible e-mail client. Brought to you by the makers of Firefox – the Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird is a free, open source e-mail client. And just like Firefox, Thunderbird is cross platform, able to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Because Thunderbird is loaded with features, that makes the program a true convenience to use. For example, there’s support for IMAP/POP,... Read more about Thunderbird 45.4.0 on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  2. During Google’s Pixel event today, Google announced the Chromecast Ultra, a 4K version of its very popular streaming device. The Chromecast Ultra will be able to stream 4K content from YouTube Netflix, and Vudu at launch, with films from Google Play Movies gaining support in November. HDR content — both HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats — is also supported by the Ultra. Google says the... Read more about Chromecast Ultra features 4K streaming coming November on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  3. Amazon is making a significant change to its Community Guidelines, announced today, which will eliminate any incentivized reviews, except for those that emerge from within its own Amazon Vine program. This program allows Amazon – not the seller or vendor – to identify trusted reviewers, and has a number of controls in place in order to keep bias out of the review process. Amazon has historically... Read more about Amazon bans reviews tied to free or discounted products on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  4. If you’ve felt like Netflix’s US catalog has shrunk dramatically since the company started making its own shows and movies, you’re absolutely right. Since 2012, Netflix’s selection of titles has dropped over 50%, from roughly 11,000 titles to about 5,300, according to streaming blog Exstreamist, which cites multiple former Netflix employees. Extreamist’s sources estimate the height of Netflix’s catalog size was in 2012, before the... Read more about Netflix catalog shrinks by 50% over the past few years on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  5. This week, Microsoft pushed out another cumulative update and reports of installation problems are widespread. While I don’t know how many users are impacted, based on comments sent to me, it’s certainly widespread enough that this is well beyond an isolated issue. The update that is causing the problem, KB3194496, is not installing correctly for users. The update, when it does fail, is causing... Read more about Microsoft pushes out a faulty Windows 10 update again on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  6. If you click the source links at most of our posts about Google products, you might notice there is a lot of Google blogs. Almost every Google product has its own blog – Android, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Google Fiber, you name it. I think Google finally realized the need to consolidate, and has created ‘The Keyword’. The Keyword replaces the former Google company blog (googleblog.blogspot.com), which has... Read more about The Keyword is Google’s new central company blog on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  7. HP has backtracked on a software update that blocked some ink cartridges made by third parties. A controversial firmware change made earlier this month meant HP printer owners using unofficial, usually cheaper, cartridges discovered they would no longer work. A campaign calling on HP to reverse the move was launched, backed by rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). In a blog post, HP... Read more about HP apologizes for ink blocking update on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  8. Lee Cheng is one of the few attorneys to fight back against patent trolls and prevail. And at the latest Ars Live event, we talked to him about his most famous case, how people can fight patent trolls today, and what the future of patent abuse will look like in coming decades. His answers, as expected, were incredibly candid and hilarious. In 2007, a... Read more about “Patents are bull” says Newegg’s CLO Lee Cheng on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  9. Amazon is already in the business of delivering packages to your door as quickly as possible, but now the company seems intent on cutting out shipping middlemen. A report by The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon is building its own shipping service to replace FedEx and UPS, giving it more control over its packages and possibly allowing it to ship packages from other retailers.... Read more about Amazon delivery service may become their next big thing on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  10. Spotify is reportedly in advanced talks to purchase SoundCloud, according to a report from the Financial Times. The move would give Spotify a larger library of content — SoundCloud has over 125 million songs — and remove a competitor from the streaming music landscape after SoundCloud launched its own paid service earlier this year. But outside of that the benefits of the acquisition seem limited for Spotify.... Read more about Spotify in talks of purchasing SoundCloud on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  11. LibreOffice is the most actively developed free and open source office suite, a project of The Document Foundation. It was forked from OpenOffice.org in 2010, which was an open-sourced version of the earlier StarOffice. The LibreOffice suite comprises programs for word processing, the creation and editing of spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams and drawings, working with databases, and composing mathematical formulae. It is available in 110... Read more about LibreOffice 5.2.2 on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  12. 7-zip is a completely free, open source file archiver for compression and decompression. 7-Zip uses its own 7z archive format, but can read and write several other archive formats. The program can be used from a command-line interface as the command p7zip, as a graphical user interface, or with a window-based shell integration. 7-Zip works in Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2012, 2008,... Read more about 7-Zip 16.03 on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  13. ShareX captures or records any area of your screen at the press of a key. Free and completely open-source. ShareX is like a swiss army knife of screen capture convenience. You can take a screenshot or a screencast, upload it and get the URL copied to your clipboard with a single hotkey. ShareX supports over 50 different image, text, and file hosting services such... Read more about ShareX 11.3.0 on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  14. Notepad++ is a free source code editor (and Notepad replacement), which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment. This project, based on the Scintilla edit component, written in C++ with pure win32 api and STL that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program. Notepad++ supports the following languages: C, C++, Java, C#, XML, HTML, PHP, javascript, RC... Read more about Notepad++ 7.0 now with x64 on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  15. The Linux kernel today faces an unprecedented safety crisis. Much like when Ralph Nader famously told the American public that their cars were “unsafe at any speed” back in 1965, numerous security developers told the 2016 Linux Security Summit in Toronto that the operating system needs a total rethink to keep it fit for purpose. No longer the niche concern of years past, Linux... Read more about Linux kernel security needs an overhaul on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  16. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has called on HP to restore customer’s ability to use third-party ink cartridges in its Office Jet printers. It is also urging consumers to sign a petition, which as of this posts’s publication, has nearly 7,500 signatures. In an open letter to HP Inc. President and CEO, Dion Weisler, activist Cory Doctorow calls on the company to take five steps... Read more about EFF calls for HP DRM removal from their printers on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  17. The organization that develops Firefox has recommended the browser block digital credentials issued by a China-based certificate authority for 12 months after discovering it cut corners that undermine the entire transport layer security system that encrypts and authenticates websites. The browser-trusted WoSign authority intentionally back-dated certificates it has issued over the past nine months to avoid an industry-mandated ban on the use of the... Read more about Firefox to block WoSign certificates after web security risks on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  18. As Microsoft continues to open up new data centers, the company is now committing itself to making itself more green. As part of its commitment, it says it will achieve 50% renewable energy use by 2018. Not only has the company promised 50% renewable energy use by 2018, it has also provided a future promise of 60% as we head into the 2020s. This brings... Read more about Microsoft’s renewable energy goal of 50% expected by 2018 on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  19. Facebook has been ordered to stop collecting and storing data on WhatsApp users in Germany, marking the first regulatory challenge to a controversial data-sharing scheme that the social media company announced in August. In a statement published Tuesday, Germany’s privacy watchdog said that sharing WhatsApp user data with Facebook, the messaging app’s parent company, constitutes “an infringement of national data protection law.” The regulatory body also... Read more about Germany orders WhatsApp data collection halt to Facebook on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  20. Microsoft is using its Ignite conference this week as the launch pad for Windows Server 2016, System Center 2016, and Technical Preview 2 of its Azure Stack hybrid system. An evaluation edition of the release to manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows Server 2016 is available for download today. Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 will be on the October 1 price list, and... Read more about Windows Server 2016 coming mid-October on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  21. Firefox (referred to as Fx) is a free and open source browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla’s team continues to focus on fixing bugs and adding useful features. Improving the user experience is especially important to the team. Users will enjoy that Firefox focuses on speed, privacy, and security. In fact, you’ll get all of these things straight out of the box. Features... Read more about Firefox 49.0.1 on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  22. Snapchat’s name has disappeared. On Friday, the company announced in a Wall Street Journal article that it was changing its name to Snap Inc. The name is more fitting since the company is now more than just a social app, CEO Evan Spiegel told The Journal. Snapchat is now branching into new territory: smart sunglasses. Called Spectacles, the pairs will sell for $129 —... Read more about Snapchat is now Snap Inc. on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  23. OnHub-schmonhub: two sources are now telling us that Google will introduce an own-brand Wi-Fi router called Google Wifi, and that the device will cost $129. A source that has proved reliable in the past has told us that the device will be launched alongside Google’s Pixel phones, Google Home, and the 4K ‘Chromecast Ultra’ on October 4th. That source additionally claims that Google will... Read more about Google will introduce Google Wifi router October 4th on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  24. As if a report that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had been spotted wearing a pair of camera-packing sunglasses wasn’t enough, now Business Insider says it has an ad or demo video showing the product. Apparently posted to YouTube until it was taken down by a Snapchat claim, it shows “Spectacles by Snapchat” or “Snapchat Spectacles” briefly, then video from the perspective of the wearer.... Read more about Snapchat Spectacles are camera-equipped sunglasses on Lunarsoft. View the full article
  25. Twitter continues to inch its way to a sale process, and the latest developments come in the form of alleged bids from potential buyers. Today CNBC is reporting, and we have also independently heard, that both Google and Salesforce are interested in buying the company. We have additionally heard that Microsoft and Verizon have also been knocking, although right now Verizon (which also owns AOL, which owns us), may... Read more about Twitter sale looked into by Microsoft, Google, and others on Lunarsoft. View the full article
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