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    Ultra HD Video (4K-3D and beyond), Advanced Physics & Cosmology, Near-Silent High Efficiency Computing, Barbershop Harmony, NewMedia Broadcast Systems Engineering, Playing the Piano, Smaller Government.
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  1. Recently, two of my Office 2003 Apps (Outlook and Excel) started taking 3-7 seconds whenever I copied something within the document... even a single character. Using ctl-C, drag-and-drop or pull-down menu makes no difference. If something is copied, the long lag is there. I tried running with very limited services and that FIXES THE PROBLEM, but I can not figure out which one causes it. And once I do find it, how do I know if it is ok not to run it anymore? STRANGER YET, every so often, there is NO perceptiable lag, and I can't find anything that would allow these brief glimpses of proper operation.
  2. I just found Lunarsoft this morning. I think it is going to be a strong favorite of mine.

  3. Lunarsoft is soon to become the ConsumerReports of the computer world.

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      Oh? Why is that Stragger? :)

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