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  1. Maybe it is not appropriate to post this topic here, even I can't get any of your ideas, that will be Ok. My auntie told me that she has been suspecting that her little kids are looking at some "illegal" sites online. She put a free web blocker on the Mac computer, but they might be finding loopholes. She wanna install some child-control program to see what's going on. There are so many choices since I searched for child-control for Mac, like Mac keylogger, keylogger Mac and remote Mac keylogger, really dazzling. Do you have experience like this?
  2. Hello,everyone. The day after tomorrow is my little niece one year birthday. what present should I choose for her?
  3. Thx, Tarun, I will give it a go.
  4. When I logined to my gmail account last night, something popped up showing that my account was logined in some other places. I suspect that my computer was installed with some kind of spy software, trying to peep into my files. For personal reasons, I have several people have access to my computer. I've ever heard that there are some kinds of spy software which are said to be undetectable, like the remote desktop spy software. Is it true? And how can I tell if my computer the spy software?
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