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  1. Thanks for the wood chopper! He's cool! I really like your deskTop, is it a she or he??
  2. Awsome!! C++ and .net!! Now I can upgrade my prehistoric version of C++ Builder!! :D
  3. Are the permissions set up properly?
  4. Yes, I've "nosed" around deviantArt before, they have some awsome pix. Pov Ray.org has some cool stuff also. Some of the pix can't be copied, and some have to be re-sized for a deskTop.
  5. Some programs similar to it have tutorials packaged in the help files. Maybe Dlephi has them also....
  6. I say: the hell with alfabets and go to binary--1's and 0's would be so much easier!! :D
  7. Allrighteythen----- i don't have favorite guys dude!! I only have favorite ladies! :D
  8. OMG--did I forget about you?? Sorry!! You know that you're my favorite sweetheart !! Right?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd better be. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Of course you are!! There isn't any other!! :)
  9. OMG--did I forget about you?? Sorry!! You know that you're my favorite sweetheart !! Right?! :)
  10. Ok, OK, so I was mistaken, sorry 'bout that. It has been one of those weeks--all 8 days! And yes things are straighter than before trish, my dear :D
  11. Okey-dokey, Trish honey--this is under your posts: "-------------------- woodbutcher should read this" That is what I was referring to. The word "this" is the link. :D
  12. OK, I'm confused: Why would I take offense to a sig?? Lokoike's sig, in my opinion is kind of funny! Trish, my dear, what do I need the link provided for?? Could it be that you're trying to tell me something?? :D
  13. Hey, Photogrrlz!! Welcome!!!!!!!!! Glad to have you aboard! :P
  14. woodbutcher

    IE help

    OK, I take it that your PC did not come with the WindowsXP disk? And the "install disk" is loaded onto your hardDrive--correct? If so: You can search the "d" drive for the needed files--or-- use the system restore-- which is a good thing IF a restore point is created about every 2 weeks. If there is not a point created then the system defaults back to the install when the computer was new. There might be a "repair file" option similar to the Win98SE O.S. I don't use WinXP much, I use Win 2000Pro.
  15. Yea, I have tinkrered with Terragen also kind of neat, but I prefer POV.
  16. What--no programming????????????----shame on you!!!!!!!LOL C++ is a really good thing! Check-out POV-Ray's site, you will be impressed!! www.povray.org
  17. Just out of curiosity, anyone use a ray-tracer just for fun or buisness? I use POV-Ray-- a programmers delight, all strict coding.
  18. It doesn't look too bad. I noticed a couple places where there are files messed-up or missing. If it were mine, I'd do either a system restore or a complete reload, that might speed you up again. how much RAM does it have, I'd recommend atleast 1 GIG, preferably more.
  19. Yea, makes me wonder who is causing the "validation" or what-ever you want to call it, to be enforced----hackers or the software/PC giants?? (or is it "big-brother" keeping tabs on his sheep??) hmmmmmm.....
  20. That is always good to hear when virus coders get busted!!!!!
  21. I have used both PC and Mac. For the "average" person or applications they are great. Mac's have virtually nothing running "in the background" unlike PC's. They are the system of choice for sound and video production and the main systems for most game designers--DooM3 and Quake3 and Quake4 were all designed and compiled on Mac's. I have used the G6--a 64bit system, it is an awsome machine!
  22. Sanity???? what is that?? :lol:
  23. Thanks all I see more familiar faces than I thought. Hi to a certian young lady How are you?
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