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    I will check out that link, and I'll se if my CD burning program offers the option to make an ISO. Thanks!
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    Does anyone use a TI994a emulator or simulator? I have the simulator by Cory Burr and I love it. I can figure out how to play most games, but not the text-based games which were originally on cassette tape. If anyone is familiar with TI994a games or would be interested in exploring them with me, please post.
  3. entre

    Virtual Box

    Hi all. I wasn't sure where to post ths because I have Windows 8. I have games that I can't play on Windows 8, so I want to install an older version of Windows on the same PC. I know I'm supposed to be able to play older programs on Windows 8, but that hasn't worked for these games...or actually for any program I've tried so far. I got a copy of Windows 95, downloaded and installed Virtual Box, set up a virtual machine, and inserted my disk. But it said "Fatal: No bootable medium found. System halted." As a test, I exited Virtual Box and clicked on SetUp on the Windows 95 cd as though I was going to install it without Virtual Box. It said, "This app can't run on your pc." Any advice?
  4. I tried to join this forum a few years ago, but had a problem getting the confirmation email. This time I tried a different email and got right in. I know a few of the members here from a different forum, and they were very knowledgeable, so I hope they're still around. I'm having a major computer problem right now, which I'll go post it in the Vista forum.
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