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  1. I don't carry anything that big, but I like 9mm +P.
  2. I don't know much about that...doesn't it just mean a magician or spell caster? Perhaps an evil one?
  3. Of those, I like OpenBSD the best for general and server use. I agree with your comments about balancing security with usability, and feel that OpenBSD does a great job of finding that balance while remaining open source, standing on principle, and including strong crypto.
  4. I will corrupt you all! Starting with your wives and daughters :cake:
  5. tain

    Your browser

    The speed of Opera turns me on. Yeah, in that way :cake:
  6. tain


    My comments are based on experience from multiple locations around the world. But all of those grids met US code. But I don't think the low utilization you mentioned is much of an issue since the range is so short and is severely hindered (essentially eliminated) outside the local circuit.
  7. tain


    What kind of network throughput do you get? I've had environments that were lucky to get transfer speeds of around 10kb/s. I've also seen problems with dropped/desynched connections in which two or more plugs had to be reset. You are right that the electrical subsystem has a lot to do with it. To my surprise, HomePlug is actually more resilient to the effects of surge protectors than I was led to believe. Hit or miss!
  8. Greatest. Feature. Ever. Even [you] thinks so!
  9. Standard ops. I had to use BlueJ in my Java course. The interface is uniquely suited for the learning environment, but that doesn't make software patents a good idea.
  10. I wonder if sometimes, depending on the type of captcha, he actually has an easier time than color viewers?
  11. I think you get what you pay for with Lian Li. It is quality stuff and the design is excellent.
  12. tain


    The iTV changed to Apple TV due to a potential trademark issue. Unless Apple coughs up some serious dough to Cisco, I would imagine that the phone will become the Apple Phone. Nice publicity, though!
  13. My Lian Li case is black, as is most everything else on my desk. Pretty standard, really :happybday:
  14. Awesome technology. So long, RSI!
  15. The average desk surface is commonly believed to be one of the nastiest zones you can find. We may get sick less if everyone used this stuff. Too bad this stuff is rather pricey. Mice start at $50.
  16. tain


    Glad to see another HomePlug fan out there! HomePlug does have drawbacks and problems but I'm glad to have the option.
  17. tain

    Microsoft Zune

    I wanted to get my lady a Shuffle for Xmas but the store was sold out. Had to get some Memorex player instead. But it does everything she wants it to do, is USB-friendly, no DRM crap and cost less. We win!
  18. tain

    Microsoft Zune

    I've heard nothing but bad news about the Zune. Go for one of the iPod models or some other brand altogether. Just not Zune or you'll be in a DRM wasteland, from what I understand.
  19. The [you] code is disabled. This is my formal complaint :P
  20. I chose direct to modem, but I actually use a few switches and a proxy.
  21. The endless debate. I would make the same argument, but in reverse. These things really come down to personal experience.
  22. My favorite cases are Lian Li. They really do make an outstanding product. I agree with your brand choice of HDD. WD does a great all-around job.
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