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  1. I wonder if Tarun has any more goodie tags hidden for us to find...
  2. IDE / ATA / USB / Firewire? Depending on the interface, try unplugging/replugging and/or rebooting.
  3. That post was how I discovered the trick. I didn't expect my post to cause so much commotion since everybody should/would have already seen it used in that post :P
  4. haha <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh no you don't! You edited, cheater! You are *so* busted. :P
  5. This has been far more successful than I anticipated [you] is pretty smart and probably figured it out without Tarun's help!
  6. Hehe, sorry if that confused anyone. You can blame Tarun I am a networking guy and can usually be found on MSFN. I was lured over here by Tarun's supreme webmastering skills. That dude has TALENT!
  7. Hi! Nice to meet you, [you] :P
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