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  1. Hey Tarun, what is going on with the toolkit now? When I install it, and run it. The program window has nothing in it as far as the programs to install from the toolkits scraper engine. Vulcan
  2. Tarun if yo need anymore anti spam scripts for the forum let me know I have a ton of them from when I set up forums and websites, I am assuming IP Board is a PHP forum, which my security scripts are all PHP, just lending a helping hand if needed for this, I have some scripts that have stopped spammers dead in their tracks. I like that you added a protection that does the same, not many forums Admins know how to do this, at least here I can enjoy the forums, spam free. Vulcan
  3. I am finally back, after taking a Sabbatical from the computer. I like the new forums they look clean and well layed out. Let me introduce myself to the others who don't know me, I am Vulcan I have to add the 219 on the name now, Though I have to add the number now is a bummer, but its okay okay. I work on setting up home networks and some business networks, I do website design, and some programming, I started out as an industrial welder then went to colege and went for my Bachelors Degree in IT. I also build computers for others that don't know how to build them, themselves. I guess you c
  4. Yeah the CCleaner slim build is nice, but I am smart enough to read when having to use the regular build to not have the toolbars or browsers checked on it, so no real issue there for me, just hope others are smart enough to do that as well. No problems on the Malwarebytes issue, just doing my part on letting you guys know, being you do so much for everyones safety online. Just doing my part to help. On the username issue, no problem there, it was the same as this one, and started with the same Email so no problem, cause I still have my same handle. And, I am not a post count freak, so
  5. I like the new additions to the lists and that you guys keep working on things to keep it up to date on things.
  6. Okay recently the Anti-Malware Toolkit started this first problem a month or so ago, it stopped downloading the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Program, I had to use the link in the program when the Malwarebytes program was highlighted to go to the site and download it manually, I think it is due to they redid their site and the area the toolkit went to to download isn't there anymore, it has been either changed or moved. Also today the CCleaner isn't downloading right anymore, it downloads but the program is not working, I had to go to Priliform to get it as well. That may have been a corruption
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