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  1. Thanks, but I do know Tarun has been doing exactly what I want to do, with even a similar language. He had the source for his Lunar client up a few years back, I didn't get a chance to save it. It would be a great help in what I want to do. I'll post it on stack overflow anyway, it's meant to be good! :rolleyes:
  2. Hmm. You've misunderstood. There aren't 'thousands' of clients for the system I'm working with, a completely different protocol. In fact, there are only 2 other known clients and 1 of them is private. Secondly, VB.NET and C# are both .NET technologies, they run the same under the hood. Thirdly, Thanks for your support..
  3. Hi at Lunarsoft Hmm, where to start. I like coding, I like trying out new GUI designs. Dunno what else to put here. I hope I can be of some use! Cheers, Vivi.
  4. Hello, Please remove this if it's on the wrong forum. But I couldn't find anywhere to post programming questions.. I am writing a MDI interface chat client, and need some 'concept' help with the coding, in regards to creating and managing new channel and dialog windows withiin the MDI parent. This is my plan so far.. When needed create the new PrivateChatWindow form, then sets it's Name property to pmw#UserName, so when a new string is received from the socket, I can loop through the list of created Private chat forms and match the username who sent the message with the username in the pmw#UserName dialog window. I would do the same with the channels. So far this is all I can think of, does anyone know any better/safer way to do this? Since I don't really like looping through all those forms (if they have a lot open) It would slow things down a lot. Thanks, vivi.
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