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  1. Even when I had finally built my new computer, I looked into what games required DX12 and there was none. That would be my only consideration of using Windows 10 on a computer. Games. No games required it, therefore I don't require it. All the computers I have ever build were based on the specifications of a game. Even the hardware that is currently in my Windows 98 PC was originally spec'd for Return to Castle Wolfenstein with Windows XP.
  2. It is still around. All 3 of my accounts still exist. And this news is not news. It was reported back then too. They must be running out of things to write news stories about.
  3. I am glad that Google Play store will tell you want permissions an app wants to use on first install or before an update. There are some now that will forever be locked into the version I'm at because I won't grant the permissions.
  4. I have not and won't. There is nothing that Windows 10 offers that I need.
  5. When I had started using Palemoon a couple years ago, it was faster than Firefox. But as time went on, they are pretty much the same now. I had not switched to Palemoon for performance anyways. I had run into a problem with Firefox at the time (there was a unresolved bug for whatever it was, I forget) and switched browsers. That is only for one computer, I use Firefox on other ones still.
  6. I'll give it a shot. I primarily only use Chrome to go to Youtube, since at one point Youtube wasn't working in Palemoon.
  7. It seems some time in the past week, maybe since Friday, ABP stopped working using Google Chrome. It no longer blocks those ads in videos, nor even regular ads that appear on webpages. In fact, you can select to block something, but it doesn't let you click the option to add the rule. I found plenty of search results of ABP not working in Chrome, going back years, and I'm not sure if it is related or not. Has anyone else had this problem recently or before?
  8. Ummm well I didn't know that Bill Gates helped develop a vaccine for diarreah.
  9. Isn't Mac OS X still just a GUI for Unix?
  10. Why do I have to be the one to post something about Staplers in this thread? :ph34r:
  11. It seems to me that the takedown of Megaupload was planned in case these bills failed. It seems all too much of a coincidence.
  12. I uploaded this awhile back and forgot to post it.
  13. I've primarily used animated avatars for forums, but since joining MSFN didn't allow GIFs, I picked this. Since then I've become recognized online I just use this picture of Ravage everywhere. I'm a big Transformers fan btw.
  14. I have yet to get Skyrim, but I may end up upgrading my video card as well, but the other issue I have is that the fan is going out the door on it. So its not just a performance upgrade, but also a functionality upgrade. I have no doubts that Skyrim can run on my current video card, since it runs New Vegas just fine.
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