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    Hello Tarun, I've been back a couple of times since posting my ignorance, and discovered where things are and how to do whatever... Teachers often told my parents, as a sort of compensatory softening of the bad news blow, that I was a late developer and'd catch up sometime. Which I'd agree with in all things accademic, but as to catapulting, tree climbing and ambushing the #12 buses as they came up the lane, I was well develloped in skills and strategies now so obviously needed for fixing my PC. Yes, my OS is XP Pro SP3, and almost completely up to date with MS patches, and believed to be free of maladies and verified to be in good mechanical condition. I've just been clearing the clutter to make the scans quicker, and'll start a new topic in the XP arena tomorrow. Bye...
  2. Kris


    I'm back after mooching around the site, to ask where/how do I start a topic or narrow the search for similar issues. My current one is quirkiness of Windows Auto/manual update for MW Word, Excel and Publisher. Other applications _seem_ unaffected. More details will be posted when I'm ensconced in the right group/page or whatever. Please advise.
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    I had some help from MBAM Support in rooting out a malware, and I mentioned that Windows updating had been quirky on updates to MS Office, and I was advised to use Dial-a-fix from Lunarsoft and so here I am. I'll expound in the appropriate group. See you soon....
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