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  1. I only bring B&S up because it's a NCsoft game. How is HoT? I've heard a lot of good and a lot of bad.
  2. Blade and Soul just entered beta not too long ago and was wondering if anyone here was going to play it? It's going with the f2p model.
  3. Thanks Tarun, Wasn't sure if I needed another layer of protection with Windows 10. Do you think a third party firewall is needed seeing as how many privacy issues there are with Windows 10?
  4. They seem to have replaced it with Windows defender and the lack of user control with defender kind of irritates me. I really liked MSE for this along with its reliability and clean look. What would be the next best AV now? I already have a full license with Malwarebytes.
  5. I could go into a text wall of detail but I'll keep it short. Dungeons are abandoned and broken due to Anet axing their dungeon team and using programming contractors. Enemy A.I. is very clunky in some areas of the game (especially dungeons) and the reward system becomes more dull and unforgiving over time. There's also the living story which was poorly done; Anet chose quantity over quality. I quit GW2 around February of 2014 and came back about 2 months ago only to find them selling the living story for about 1600 gems. As a returning player I felt punished for leaving in the first place ins
  6. I sort of stopped playing GW2 because I don't agree with the direction Anet has taken with the game.
  7. Hey Tarun and LS, probably don't remember me but I probably have old posts buried in here somewhere. I use to play the original GWs and you helped me a few times on GWG Tarun. Btw thx for that. I joined the steam group and you can find me playing all sorts of games on steam. Current Games Final Fantasy 14(Cactuar server). Don't got this one on steam. Civ 5 Town of Salem Killing Floor 2 Talos Principle The witcher 3 ...and a lot more lol
  8. Well I feel retarded, guess its time to update my eye prescription.
  9. I did download it from that site and it says its only usable with a x86 processor
  10. This is quite frustrating. I can only download the Pro version of Outpost because the free firewall says it is only available on Windows 7 x86 when I try to install it. So it seems the free version is not available to x32 and x64 users. I already don't trust this company, they make you donwload it from download.net in the first place. The security suite stops working after a few days as well and it prompts you to buy it.
  11. Ah yes ty. I couldn't find the free download option on their website for some reason before. I'll post a hijackthis log soon.
  12. I want to play Guild Wars 2 so bad

    1. Tarun


      You can preorder now.

    2. Tarun


      And it's out now, so you're probably already playing.

  13. I checked Outposts site but it doesnt look like they have a free version. They have internet security suite but its downloaded from c.net which is a place I never downlaod from due to them placing that startnow malware crap. Currently using the windows firewall but if you have know a really good free firewall that would be awesome because money is tight atm. I downloaded the only one they had and it stopped working right after I restarted my computer.
  14. Sup, My name is Aaron and I hail from California. I am a GW Guru patron and recently I have been having some problems, the biggest one being my computers CPU hitting 100% capacity with just GW running while its a DC 2.7 Pentium 4. This immediately brought me to the conclusion that it was malware and so embarked on a crusade to rid my computer of it. Norton, being my primary firewall, AV and AS, couldn't detect anything even while running in safe mode. This was very frustrating because it meant I now had to search for a suitable solution on the internet. Right after Norton had failed to do w
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