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  1. I'm not to late to appreciate this am I :)
  2. i know im replying to an old topic but i was looking at firefox myths today and it looks like it has been updated since i last looked at it. the versions of firefox are mentioned including myths about firefox 3, and also things like ACID3 test are in it. so maybe its time to have another look and see if it should go back in the wiki
  3. i have an account so i might be able to creat invites though im not sure, i thought it was a cumulative thing
  4. i think i have a 17" CRT, though im still convinced it is a 19" probably something to do with going from 17" to 15" and then to this monitor which makes it so much bigger. id probably want a 19" LCD, but im in no hurry and i dont want wide screen cause i play too many old games and im not sure how that would display in widescreen
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    Your browser

    I pretty much always use opera
  6. awergh

    Doctor Who

    series three is better then 2, one reason that i decided rose was soooo boring martha is much more interesting. 5 episodes left in the season to see. the daleks werent as good as some of the other series though the 7th doctor wasnt that bad, but i think i made myselft decide that the 8th doctor was crap even though i havent watched it, afterall the 8th has to be bad it never had a series and only got a tv movie that wasnt particularly liked i like the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th the best maybe because that what ive been watching in my collection of videos. (all taped from when it was broadcasted, except lots of daleks and a couple of others because the tape snapped)
  7. 98se works as well with lots of switches
  8. well i thought firefox 1+ had a version checker and i didnt want to have to worry about it so i just grabbed 0.91 however firefox is meant to work on 95 firefox 2 crashes i am thinking about changing boards but not till i try some more tests
  9. maybe, if it works and it is the only option but i may not use it for very long on the plus side it will boot fast EDIT: am editing to say that im browsing with firefox 0.91 on 95b and it hasnt frozen yet whereas before on nt4 it froze imediatly after lanching firefox 1.03 however i do wonder is there something different about the way 95 handles pci or is it to do with disabling stuff
  10. it had problems before nt4 ok ive dont some testing i took at any PCI cards and disabled most of the onboard devices win 2k the setup frooze at configuring com+ win xp pro sp2 froze when copying blurbs.chm winme /is froze at 10% of copying files win 95B /is /in froze at the start of setup win 95B /is /in /im /id /i? success s3trio64v2 pci video card froze at the bios screen before it even displayed the enter the bios key i restarted and it booted 95 had no driver but the computer hasnt frozen. tungsten labs pci video card booted 95, 95 had no driver, didnt freeze shall try 98se, nt4, 3.1 and linux later
  11. i have tried all 3 pci slots for the network card. ive tried a different PSU which was 450Watts the card had official drivers.
  12. i use Avira AntiVir Spybot S&D and i have an IPCOP box
  13. I have an Acer V80M with a Pentium III 750Mhz Slot 1 CPU with 128MB of PC133 running at PC100 Speed with an AGP Video card and a 6gb ide hdd i installed nt4 on it and it runs fine however when i put a PCI network card in it. The computer will freeze once i use the network card like when i launch firefox once frozen the computer wont do any thing and ill have to turn it off. it froze when i put in a PCI video card as well ive changed ram ive changed hdd
  14. im happy with white, my computer has always been white. the only problem is that hen i got a dvd drive it was really white and the computer is kind of cream coloured and that my harddisk is black (like all harddisks) and it sticks out dust is interesting especially in psus the other day i decided to clean out my Pentium MMX 166Mhz box so i took it out side and there was a lot of dust. and i opened the psu and i didnt even inhale any dust like last time i did something like that. you know after atleast 7 years (since i got the box) possibly more since the box wasnt new. the dust breeded dust doesnt show on white so its all good, except when you decide to run you finger between the keys and collect some dust
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