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  1. I read what you said about the modem and I understand, but took it upon myself to continue checking into a way to get into my modems options. I found a remote access way and opened the ports i had open before and everything works correctly now. Thanks for the help and explanations, but i am good now. Appreciate it.
  2. Well now I am confused, because when i didnt have teh router i opened teh ports in the modem and i was able to do what i needed. Now that i have a modem and router i opened the ports and i cannot do what i could before. If i do not need to open any ports in my modem do you have any ideas on what is stopping me from hosting things like i was before?
  3. See but here is my problem, i need to open ports in my router AND modem. And by using both those tools you listed take me to my router. I still cant get to my modem.
  4. I was running my DSL internet from the modem to a switchboard without the use of a router and it got to the point where that no longer worked. So now I have a SpeedStream 4200 modem going to a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (was just lying around) to my switchboard. I need to know how to access the port forwarding options for my modem. I am able to get to my Linksys router by typing in my IP address into my browser but i dont know how to access the modem. Can someone tell me how to access my modem?
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