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  1. I am having a problem networking all my home computers running different versions of windows: - OS Windows 7 PRO Laptop - OS Windows ME Desktop How do I get rid of the ‘Enter Network Password’ prompt problem from my Windows 7 Pro Laptop when I try to access my Windows ME Desktop? I have turned off password protected sharing and still no luck. Thank you.
  2. Thank you! That was extremely helpful!
  3. Thank you. "You got me into the church, however, I have not been able to find the right pew!" I would appreciate it if you could be a little more specific.I opened control panel----ease of access, then, I went to change the size of text and icons. Then, when I went to set custom text size(DPI) and changed from 125 to 150 all the icons would not fit on the desktop. Please point me in the right direction. Once again thank you for your valued help.
  4. Every time I open a program the print size is so small that I can hardly read it. I use the Ctrl key and click on the + sign to increase the print and I use the Ctrl key and roller on my mouse to increase the size of the print. However, I am asking is there another way to increase the print size without always doing the two things that I just mentioned. I think there must be one fix for this without always having to do the above. As an example, when I am downloading a program using the program wizard the print is so small that it is hard to read; this also applies to trying to read the licensing agreement for the program. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you I have Windows 7 Pro 64bit on a Dell Latitude E6530.
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