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  1. Really, I'm stuck on a conference call thats been going for 2hrs now... but here's some funny sheet And for you younger guys, still in HS or college, you know who you are!
  2. So if you had to reroll a new character on Guildwars 2, and it was one of the NPC races, (AND YOU CANT PICK A PLAYABLE) what would it be and why?
  3. Seriously though, Hi my name a Todd Hardpecks, I a virtual porn star. You've probably seen me in such films as The Sims; 1 thru 3. Extra in the night clubs on the Jersey Shore, Hot Bod on Y&TR, Body double for Duke Nukem, and Dwayne the rock Johnson. Im my spare time, i chisel and sculpt marble statues of semi godlike body. When I'm not beating down the vine wrath with my impressive pecks, or beautiful bi-cepts, you can catch me directing my latest video production in Divinity's Reach. We are always looking for young and beautiful talent to star in our next production. Oh ya, you liked it On a More a more serious note, you'll find out who I am ingame pretty quickly, whether ya like me or not is up to you, not that I care, but I like to bring the party Kalrotahn.
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