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  1. An issue that has plagued me on and off for months on Windows 7 Ultimate has now started happening on Windows 8.1 Pro. After every reboot without fail I'm now being prompted by action centre to set the Windows Update settings. When I go to check them it tells me that the option for "Give me recommended updates...." is deselected and that it is set to never check for updates. Everytime this happens I go in and select the option and set to automatically check and install. While it never installs them automatically forcing me everytime to choose to do it, at least the check was automatic until this started happening. Any idea how I resolve this?
  2. I thought the last post about this project was from last year with a link to a Facebook page that doesn't exist. Or at least not anymore. If the Delphi source code (assuming that is correct?) is available, I'll have a go at updating it. Can't handle C++ at present but withDelphi there's a good chance I can make it work, updating that is to work with final XP releases and all versions since.
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