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  1. I'm sure you may have been to the movies and seen the digital menu boards they have out now. I'm looking to make my own. I'm here to request assistance with the building of it. I've come to the conclusion that it would be best if done in flash, thoughts? Regardless, I'm interested in distributing one to a minimum of five locations to start and would like a quick one created. If anyone has the knowledge and time to throw something together which I could display, we could work off of a commission basis. If you may be interested or have any thoughts/comments, let me know! Thanks. Mike S.
  2. Hey, has this been reported as spam yet? At Ccleaner it got reported multiple times, and got deleted. I didnt even get a message! I sent it, let me know what you think about it.
  3. no takers? forgot to add, if you dont want to post your email, you could send a pm to me. that way you can all keep your privacy, and everyone is happy. :hello:
  4. This is my first review, so it may not be as good as you would like, but deal with it! http://grandcentral.com Grand Central is a site whose motto is, one number for life. If you're tired of having to check your mail on every phone, this is for you! Simply register and pick a number in your area code. If it isn't currently shown, chances are it will be there soon! You then can add multiple lines for it to call. You can also set different people to ring at different phones, or even send all calls straight to voicemail. All your messages stay right in one spot and can be checked by calling your number, or going online. You also get many other features, completely free. You can screen callers, listen in while someone is leaving a message, block callers, record any phone call, ring different phones, have personal greetings for different callers, choose your own ring back sounds, and much more! For a full list of features, check here. Now you may ask, how can I get started? Simply post your email here and I will send you an invite! All I ask is that you return at least three out of ten of your invites back to members here. It doesn't get any better! -aaron
  5. anyone found a speech to text?
  6. i was searching for delphi, the only tuts i found were for different versions and i couldnt follow them very well. thanks, ill try that site.
  7. i downloaded delphi 7.2 because i wanted to learn it and start designing stuff. ive messed around with it for a couple hours but im not getting to far. are there any recent tutorals out there that start off basic?
  8. NO, IM SERIOUS! after about 5 pages, one of the forums is gone good one though.
  9. haha, my friend randomely got one that reads, "THEASSN"!
  10. Mike

    CD drive detection

    thanks, it was disabled in device manager for some reason.
  11. bummer, the endings gone now!
  12. how about changing it then? instead of calling it light, call it 9x/ME downloads or something. or how about tabs, to choose their OS at the top?
  13. yes, it works with XP. the different packages are, im guessing, different programs/more programs that it installs.
  14. i have 2 cd drives. 1 burns and 1 just reads. i have been using deamon tools for a while mounting images. never needed to access my cd drive until now, i want to burn a cd. the cd drives dont show up under my computer. i also went here thinking i could find the drives but i couldnt. how can i get my cd drives to show again?
  15. i have one question. what if somebody doesnt want to install one particular program? will they be able to de-select it? also, what programs come with the full download?
  16. HAHA, guess this thread is back from the dead, AQUARIANS RULE!
  17. Mike


    i got some imported last week, it was GREAT! didnt last long though.
  18. Mike


    what, is that illegal yet?
  19. nice job tarun! is there a download for this?
  20. Mike


    i bet all of you can already guses what im going to say so im not even giong to say it.
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