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  1. I saw a recent announcement regarding updates to allow the site to be run using an SSL certificate. Have you considered using Lets Encrypt? It's a free, open-source implementation for acquiring and renewing SSL certificates. This allows you to minimize your operating costs while providing secure browsing to your users. The only catch I can think of is that the certificate won't work for users on XP prior to SP3 (hopefully a vast minority of your users). Thoughts?
  2. It's one thing to say that "open source is good", but as a Linux sysadmin, I can't begin to count the number of times that something that's designed for "Linux" doesn't work on my CentOS machines. Developers are often all too quick to compile something on their local distro (Ubuntu, Slax, RedHat, w/e) and then call it "done". The fact of the matter is that different distros have different configurations. Config files are different, software is installed to different locations, etc etc etc. I don't think Linux will really take off until Linux distro creators group together and create one core Linux.
  3. Not to start this rant, but it's Tarun's perrogative to use whatever coding language he wishes. I personally see no problem with the .NET framework. The executables are small, quick, and easy to code. It would be far more difficult to write and update the program if he were working with C++/MFC. Believe you me... you don't want to go there.
  4. http://tornado5.deviantart.com/art/Luna-El...-5-0-5-29511577 He updated the theme to 5.1, which I personally like less than 5.0.5 (which was a bugfix version of 5.0). Enjoy! :)
  5. Looks pretty good. I tried the basics out - selecting a download folder, checking and unchecking files, etc etc etc. One thing that bugged me though was that the download progress simply said "3 of 12". I'd like to know which program is being downloaded. One suggestion for when the bugs in this version are sorted out. Add an option to check the MD5 hash of each file. That way people are ensured a complete and uncorrupted download. :)
  6. My monitors at home are Acers - X243 and two AL2016W's. At work, I'm using an X263, which gives me 1920x1200 of screen space. The theme I'm using is Luna Element 5. You're right about the default Fedora desktop being nicer - I was just trying to see how this wallpaper might look. At the very least, I need to make the panels whiter - they're a bit dull at the moment.
  7. Here are my two workstations. Workstation 1 (XP Pro 32-bit): Workstation2 (Fedora9 x86-64) Feel free to ask any questions. :)
  8. This new release is a bit of a love/hate thing. It works miles better than Firefox2 ever did, but they've changed some things that just bother me. That... and the fact that half of my extensions are no longer compatible. This is probably the main reason why I'm sticking with Opera 9.5 on all my machines (not to start any browser flamewars).
  9. I'm actually running two video cards - an EVGA 512MB 8800GT drives the 24" display, while an EVGA 256MB 8600GT drives the two 20's. I ran into a little snag initially though... I was running Windows XP Professional 32-bit, and with all the memory and hardware addressing required for the second video card, I was only able to use just over 2GB of my 4GB of RAM. I reformatted my system with XP x64 now though, since I didn't have access to Vista at the time. That upgrade will likely happen later on this summer. While a 24" monitor will work on VGA cables, DVI is definitely the way to go. Once you start looking at details, it makes all the difference in the world.
  10. Hard drive for me... I've already got lots, but it's filling up fast (funny how that happens, no?). I'm hoping to move my file server from 2x250GB//2x1TB//6x500GB to 2x750GB//8x1TB. I'll move four of the 500GB drives into my workstation in RAID10, and the two 320's in my workstation to my computer at work. I think I might have found a source for cheap 1TB drives... ($150 a piece) :)
  11. I'll have to upload my workstation screenshots (one XP Pro, one Fedroa9) tomorrow when I get a chance. Here's my computer at home. I've got three monitors - a 24" in the middle and two 20"s on the sides... plenty of desk space for pr0... I mean... work. :)
  12. 1991 Honda Prelude. I'm bussing to school more these days though - gas prices are reaching the top of the bubble...
  13. Through The Fire and Flames intro.... it's a love/hate thing. :)
  14. Moto Razr V3n. I actually just got it, and didn't want the Razr2. The new one is too big and fat..., while the original is nice and sleek. :)
  15. You're all gonna hate me... I'm working at my university - which used to host the .CA TLD servers. The servers are now elsewhere, but we got to keep the infrastructure. :)
  16. You know where you can host those walls again if you want.... www.kwikpiks.com
  17. Thanks buddy!!! The cake wasn't a lie for me!!! Haha!
  18. Just a question... the money that MIcrosoft was fined by the EU - where did it go? I'd hate to think that it's simply swallowed into the budget of the EU in general..
  19. Yup - I've got Fedora on my workstation at my university, but Windows on all my other computers. Opera starts faster than FF2 on my Fedora, Windows XP, and Server 2003 systems. Just a word of caution - you really should be restarting your computer between tests. Windows and Linux will cache the program in memory even after you've closed it, so subsequent starts will be much quicker. :)
  20. LaTeX is a typesetting system that's often used for research papers or formal documents. The files themselves are more like a script or code than a document, since the file is then "compiled" into a postscript or PDF file. I can't really think of a simpler way of describing the generation process, but the latex parser will automatically number and order references, generate table of contents, table of figures, etc etc etc, without needing to "update fields". Writing any sort of mathematical equation is VERY easy in LaTeX as well - miles ahead of what MS Office and OOo provide. It can even be used to generate presentations. One of my professors made all of his slides in PDF format using a LaTeX template. Everything was VERY slick and looked just as good, if not better than what PowerPoint could do.
  21. My new tri-monitor setup... 5280x1202 - 558KB It's sooooo big.... I actually have to turn my head to see it all. P.S. Sorry about the oversized thumbnail... if I made it 300 wide, it'd only be 60px tall... :)
  22. @Eldmannen - All the points you listed are perfectly valid. However, the largest problem I have is when people say that OpenOffice is compatible with Office document formats. For the basic functionality, it is compatible, but start using any advanced features in Office (Track Changes, revisions, cross-references), and that compatibility breaks down. OO is fine for the occasional document. I use it here in the lab on my Fedora machine, but I wouldn't call it a replacement to Microsoft Office (as you'll often see others claim). It's a freeware alternative (like he said). If you want to write real documents, you should be using LaTeX. :)
  23. This is all fine and dandy for the actual page loading times - how is it for startup? FF2 takes ages to load on my desktop compared to Opera 9.26 or IE7.
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