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  1. i think its cool to see how many tunes people have,(2000?, i dont even know that many artists/songs/albums!) or how fast their computers are or what they got. i didnt even know they had 3.4 computers till i saw taruns signature. his must be so fast he can fly it around the house. :)

  2. i really dont understand ripping, converting and the like concerning music. i just click and play. i need something in the car, i burn and insert and play. a lot of that stuff is just way over my head at this time, and i dont seem to get uninterrupted time to play around with applications.

    to be honest, i have an expensive stereo upstairs hitched up with surround sound and my 47" tv, and i really dont care a whole lot more for it than the 100 buck speakers on my computer and the 17" monitor. i would like to get a 19" lcd one day-but this does the job, so i cant complain. :)

    i have 30 gb of music on my computer, but i dont have a clue what size the files are. :) :)

  3. Its nine months training at the academy and then graduation. Recruits are on probation for two years from the start of the academy, and you have to pass the physical every year for the first two to keep your job, and then for 3 more if you want to get your raise each year (its a five year pay scale).

    Im really excited as I was getting quite bored at my current employment.

    Thanks for the encouragement! :)

  4. so this is going to be you in a few months. :)



    LOL! Thats a mountie in ceremonial uniform! Mounties are the RCMP-equivalent of i guess the FBI or something-they are national police. I never applied with them, because the training is out of province for 6 months, and then you have to be willing to transfer, which isnt an option for me with my young children.

  5. sweet..maybe you can work your way up to be a K9 handler.


    I dont think that would be my calling personally. Ive had so many cats and dogs since i got married, I dont think i want to bring another one home! My wife and kids would love it though......... :hello:

  6. LOL! Yes I had a job. I worked for an international transportation company for the last 12 years. Good job, great pay and benefits, but it wasnt meeting my personal needs.

    I was notified yesterday that I was successful in the job competition for the position of Police Constable in my city. I start the academy two weeks from Monday.

    Its a drop in pay and benefits and holidays, and Ill have to work rotation shifts, but the top rate will be more money in a few years, plus its a job ive always been interested in.

    The application process has kept me busy lately, but now I have two weeks to celebrate...... punk.gif

  7. happy birthday dude, i think i see some grey hairs comin in. just kidding, have a good time!



    LOL! You wouldnt believe how fast your thirties come my brother! and you wont feel any different!

  8. lol! I got my commodore vic 20 in 1981 or 82. i was around 9 or 10. i can remember learning in school how to make a program that basically made a little fly flap across the screen. the graphics were so rudimentary, its not even funny.

    maybe if i had kept up with things, i wouldnt be so computer illiterate now. :)

  9. WinUHA Compression Tool:


    WinUHA is a powerful GUI (Graphical User Interface) for UHARC.

    Some Characteristics :

    * User friendly and modern interface, as commercial software

    * Shell Context Menu to speed up archives management

    * SFX GUI for UHA archives

    * Translation Engine to be really user friendly

    * Freeware for non commercial use, as UHARC.

  10. Ok, I am a huge geek, but i love politics! We are having our national election for the house of parliment and all 308 seats are up for grabs! The best part is, is that the race is too close to call, lots of great candidates in all parties, and we are probably looking at another minority government! I voted during lunch time at work today and there was lots of people voting! Lots of young people too, so that was great to see!

    Its going to be a late night for lordofthegeeks. punk.gif

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