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  1. Generally they say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  So, unless your BIOS is giving you issues, there's no need to update it.  You wouldn't see any changes speedwise anyways.  :shocking:


    Tarun, that is so true. Ive played around attempting to get things faster or better, and a few times dug myself into a big hole. The only good thing is, is whenever I do something like that, i seem to learn a whole lot in a short period of time (because i frantically am trying to get the thing working again).

  2. i study the effects of pushing the red button on my barbecue and watching the flame come up to cook my food. Dude, the stuff you are doing is way over my head.

    But who doesnt like to burn stuff? :shocking:

  3. ok, i just downloaded xmplay, no plugins or anything. (ive been watching you roosters flap your wings at eachother :shocking: )

    foobar uses 7300 or so resources, xmplay uses 9300. playing same song and same stuff running.

    funny thing is, i dont notice the difference and the tune is still good. :w00t:

  4. I voted for Windows Media Player. I have a number of media players installed, and I just like the look and feel of WMP. Other than foobar, I havent tried the rest. I understand about resources and all that, but it really doesnt affect me as i rarely listen to music while on the computer.

    are all of the above freeware?

  5. its just kind of weird. Tarun, you log ips here dont you? In my posts, is my ip always the same, or does it change (please dont post my ip (s) though). thanks man!

  6. Yes. I only use my home computer. But when, for example I check my admin log at proboards forum, it will show a list of post changes, etc, the user name and the ip. Mine has several different ip addresses. And this has happened at other sites i have visited as well. i dont use a router or proxy or anything-just pay my dsl bill and away i surf.

  7. Any idea why my IP address shows up differently at different times? And not just the last few numbers. I get 3 completely different ip addresses show up on my forum when i check my admin status there. :shocking:

  8. i have notepad and photoshop, but no idea how to make a website with them. I was kind of hoping to have a more "template fill in the blanks" for my first time around with this as i dont know html or any other computer language at this time.

    But thanks for the response, i am going to look at it. :shocking:

  9. i would like to know what you all think is the best web designing programs. I want to get a freeware version, and if necessary will purchase a commercial one.

    So what is the best freeware, what is the best commercial, how do they rank against eachother, and what is their ease of use?

    I dont want to experiment with more than one freeware and one commercial (especially due to the cost).

    Thanks all! :shocking:

  10. ok lets try it.

    a page is here

    Yeah BABY! oh yeah!

    Thanks a lot CaPMan!

    Thats the goods! :shocking:

    For Firefox, there's an extension to do that, called Make Link:


    It works where that function isn't built-in. It makes hyperlinks in plain text, forum code or html.


    i tried to get it, but it says it doesnt work with firefox 1.5.

    thanks for the info though, i would love to have that.

  11. I see it done, and dont know how. How do you post a link without it looking like a link.

    For example. If i was to say xxxx website can be found HERE, how do I make HERE become the link? I would like to be able to do this on web forums.

    Thank you. :shocking:

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