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  1. The amount you wish to donate is totally up to you.  :lol:


    The beauty of it is, the amount you wish to donate is up to you.


    You just refuse to give a good donation amount dont you? :D hes dodging the questions everybody! :w00t:

    heh, i dont think it would go over with my parents too well if i asked if i could use the family's paypal account to donate. It would seem pretty odd to them... :D I do love this place though, i just dont meet the age requirments



    I worked full time and lived with a girlfriend when i was your age. :shocking:

  2. Has anyone tried this program? I used to have it, and then got rid of it when i got ccleaner. It seemed to work good, but i would be interested to know if anyone (not just on this site,but anywhere) has put a comparison on it to ccleaner.

    let me know your thoughts, as i am interested.


  3. Nope, it won't do a thing to the other files.  Are you using software like PartitionMagic to resize it?


    I really wasnt sure as i havent looked at what is involved yet. Ive never done it before, i just know what i want to do, and thought i should ask before skrewing up hundreds of gigs of stuff.

    what do you suggest?

  4. What do you all think would be a better investment? I have a decent system (but not like that kickass one i see in Taruns new signature punk.gif ) buts its 4.5 years old, and i am looking to network within my home (one computer in the basement, one in the family room).

    im kicking around getting a laptop.

    pros: its portable outside the home to bring places to get help, give help (i actually am helping a few people here and there punk.gif ). its great to put files on to read both inside the house or when i travel. its light, i can use my existing external hard drives, headphones, external dvd burner, etc. when i want to, and i can (i think?) hitch it to my stereo system in the living room for tunage. also, my big screen tv is in the family room, but my computer is in the basement (my wife wont let me put it upstairs, i know, whipped, but heh :shocking: ), so i cant watch my movies on the big tv. laptop would let me do that.

    cons: i have heard they heat up (not sure if this is true), i am not sure if i can get as good (meaning storage, speed and capabilities) a laptop as i can get if i build another desktop. plus, it would be a ton of fun learning to build a desktop and putting it together.

    what would you all do?


  5. Hi guys,

    i partitioned one of my drives into a 150 and 100 partitions. i want to delete the 100 partition (after moving the files to another drive), but will affect the files on the 150 partition? basically, i dont want to lose files, but i want my 1 drive to be simply a 250 drive. thanks. :D

    ****! i posted this in the wrong forum! sorry Tarun. :shocking:

  6. Right now it is war with this program and I am determined to get it to work. I mean, come on, it's just a media player. :shocking:


    let me know when you do, i just downloaded it. punk.gif

  7. yeah i agree tarun. if i could, i would rather have a disk.

    bio, if i knew 4 years ago what i knew now, i would not have bought my comp from ibm in a package like i did. i spent 2 grand 4 years ago and got 40 g hg, 2000 mhz and 256 ram with a basic system. have added stuff since, but i probably could have got better for the same price.

    but i didnt even know what a gigabyte was back then......lol

  8. page defrag ran once upon reboot, and then after i rebooted again, nadda. i didnt think it could be that program, but it was the last thing i did before black screen death. other than the pictures, everything is back and running. i couldnt find my xp pro disk, so just used the xp home built in to the comp.

    i have yet to try the programs listed in this thread, but i will try them out to see if i can find my pics. :shocking:

  9. I dont know. I just thought it would help speed things up. I guess computers are like cars-regular wear and tear, and sometimes they crash! :(

    except for the pictures, everything is reinstalled and configured the way i want it. just have to log into a few forums and maybe defrag, but otherwise everything is cool. i actually learned a few things in the process, so it wasnt all for nothing. :shocking:

  10. Stuff happens. It was:


    that i used. Usually after installing something new, i cclean, and then restart. Just a habit. I cant see how it was that program, but it happened right after that. anyhow, thanks for the info, i will try some of those- hope i can get the pics back-they were stored in picasso.

    by the way, it was VERY convenient having your anti malware package here for download, and (coincidentally), the freeware list all here-saved me a bunch of time.

    special thanks to yourself, capman for doing the freeware list, and (once again) djlizard. when i went to install the disk that came with my soundcard, it wouldnt install (for whatever reason). on a hunch, i tried dial a fix by dj, and **** it if it didnt fix things up and i installed the card! i dont know what it did, but man it worked!

    it took me all day and a bit of last night, but im almost there.....

  11. So last night i downloaded a page defrager that i found (either here or ccleaner-cant remember which) and i restarted my computer afterwards, and blank! no windows! couldnt find it for the life of me! spent a couple of hours dinking around, so finally just said f it and put all new windows in. i guess my comp has a version of windows stored somewhere within it, so it wasnt that hard (though my first time personally) putting windows on a comp. have spent all day installing drivers, programs, fixing settings, etc.

    the only thing that bothers me is that i lost some great pictures of the kids that were transfered from my camera over the last couple of months that i didnt get around to burning. everything else is replaceable but those are priceless. :(

  12. True story:

    I had a friend when I was kid that was physically attacked by a monkey. The monkey attacked her, and when the police came it was hilarious. There were police running around with blankets and bananas chasing this monkey around the neighbourhood trying to catch it.

    One of those memories of childhood you never forget. :shocking:

  13. A women gets on a bus and goes to put money into the change holder. The bus driver says to her" Thats the ugliest baby i have ever seen!".

    The women is indignant, but doesnt say anything as she needs to stay on the bus to get to her destination.

    She sits down next to an elderly gentleman. She is in a huff, and the elderly man asks her" what is the matter"?

    She explains to him the rude behaviour of the bus driver.

    He says to her" You should go tell him how you feel about that".

    She agrees and says" I am going to do that right now".

    The elderly gentleman says" Here, let me hold your pet monkey while you get up".


  14. Great job CaPMan! This is pretty much what i meant on the thread i posted asking for this kind of list! I like the one stop shop at lunarsoft, so we dont have to look all over the place for things.

    Another suggestion to make this portion of the site even better. Maybe someone qualified could provide a brief desription of what each type of software can be used for, and roughly how it works?

    Just a suggest. Awesome addition to the site! :P

  15. I wouldnt bother partitioning such a small drive. I partitioned one of my 250 gb drives into a 100 and a 150-split for movies and games. if it was me, i would just buy another bigger one and partition it.

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