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  1. Hi Tarun,

    I had a thought for an excellent (in my humble opinion) idea for an addition to your site. What about adding a forum with a list of links (and maybe a synopsis) of freeware applications broken down into type. ie. cd burners, office apps, etc.

    Just an idea. i know its a lot (dj, notice i separated the two words :P ) of work, but it could be a work in progress as people find and post more freeware, it could be slowly consolidated. anyway, just my two pennies. :D

  2. Ok, i have tried openoffice (but i already have ms office 2003) but it doesnt have a publisher equivalent. Is there a freeware product that works like publisher for making newsletters and such? Thanks all! :P

  3. Just a question. By having a router with a firewall, would i still NEED a software firewall? Should I have both? Big question, would a hardwall firewall save resources if i dont have a software one?

    Thanks dudes. :P

  4. so you mean i could plug my dvds into the system and it would store them on my harddrive? that would be cool. then i wouldnt have to dig em out anytime i want to see a movie.

  5. Welcome to the gang, Kyle.

    Hey, Tarun........thought we had already met our maple leaf quota. :D


    I was just making some maple syrup between hockey practice and decided to check out the computer, eh? :P

  6. You should see how cold it gets up here in Canada! Most people cant take it, what with the polar bears walking through the streets in winter, you have to be careful of your safety, and there are so many **** moose walking into the roads, that i almost hit one when i was downtown the other day.

  7. You might have the best Christmas present of all......The spirit of selflessness and sharing...A Good Man takes care of his family first and foremost.. punk.gif


    Its all about the kids my brother. Seeing my daughters little happy smiles (my son is too young to understand yet) is worth more than any material item. Until someone has children, they cant truly understand. punk.gif

    On a side note, i did get a great christmas present from my wife-but i cant post the pictures here. :P

  8. what if i dont know the manufacturer on all my products? or if (oops) i dont even know what to look for to update?

    any ideas on a scan/inform kind of program that lets you know which drivers are needed to be updated, and where to find them?


  9. I dont know why, but i never get pop ups with either IE or Firefox. Lots of people i know get pop ups, but i think i the only time i got popups was when i first got my computer and didnt even know what a browser was. And even then it only happened a couple of times. hmmmmm.

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