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  1. im gonna tell my wife my hayfever is acting up when she gets home. :hello:
  2. 1984

    Cant click on links

    I wouldnt have thought to try a different browser. I am using firefox now, and your link here works! What could that mean? Obviously an issue with IE, but what can I do to change it?
  3. I noticed today that for whatever reason, i cant click on links that are posted in websites. For instance, the new link on this site that Tarun put on about the financial goal being halfway met, I tried it and my screen just sort of "flashes" and then nothing happens. I can get to sites if i google the address, or use my bookmarks, but cant get on links. I tried a number of sites, and it is the same everywhere. I ran my antivirus, all my spywarecleaners, ewido, ccleaner, defraged, etc, and nothing was found! Any suggestions? :hello:
  4. ive got photoshop, but i am just starting to play with it, so i wouldnt be of any help :(
  5. This topic has gone way off course, but who cares? I was just wanting to know a little about each of you, and letting the discussion flow into other areas is as natural here as in person. It tends to personalize things a bit and makes for an even better community i think. But thats just my two cents.
  6. As a youth I spent a lot of time in the principles office, in minor trouble with police, etc. I think some of us go a bit crazy in our teen years, and some clear their heads and move on, and some stay that way forever. I can say that i drank a lot as a teen (sometimes enjoy a few still ), used a lot of drugs, got in fights, got kicked out of school, etc. , but eventually I matured and started to grow as a person and became responsible. I never drank and drove though. I dont know why, it was always just a taboo thing that was out of my boundaries. And I wouldnt change my experien
  7. what is the difference between alpha and beta.
  8. i am still looking for "what i want to do". lol! i took my current job after a string of jobs,(fast food, carpentry, hairdresser, steel worker, bindery, etc.) and it was (is? ) just until i find out what i want to do. during my employment i managed to graduate from labour college and university (human resource management). luckily, university was paid for by my employer maybe one day i will wear a tie to work........... :hello:
  9. And what is your average day like? Long, short, do you work days, nights? Do you like your job? I work for a large international courier company. Been there 12 years. I work 7 am until 5 pm, but get a 2-3 hour lunch each day. I drive a cube truck and deliver envelopes and parcels to businesses and homes. My run is in my own neighbourhood, so i get to come home and see the wife and kids and do odd chores or play on my computer. In the past I have worked in the warehouse and the office, but i love to drive the most. Its brutal in the winter at times (as cold as -35 celcius) but b
  10. thanks Tarun. I may uninstall all codecs as suggested, and go to that free codec site and re download them. i think i got the site here :lol:
  11. it says "codec misconfigured". i must have screwed something up somehow. now, (no pun intended), what exactly is G-spot? (i can hear the laughter).
  12. Would you suggest that i purchase a router with a firewall rather than run zonealarm? would that speed things up or slow things down? is yours bottom, middle, or top end? how much? why did you decide on it? is it hard to configure a router? now it seems routers are for sharing internet access and have firewall capabilities. What else do they do? What else is their purpose? is wireless as fast and as safe as wired? i have a 4 level split house, my computer is in the basement and i want to have another one on the main level which is quite a ways from this one. thats a lot of wi
  13. Nevermind, I am an id***. here is what shows under video: DMO WMVA WMVideo Advanced Decoder DMO Microsoft Corporation qasf.dll --> wmvadvd.dll DMO MP4S Mpeg4s Decoder DMO Microsoft Corporation qasf.dll --> mp4sdmod.dll DMO WMV Screen decoder DMO Microsoft Corporation qasf.dll --> wmsdmod.dll DMO WMVideo Decoder DMO Microsoft Corporation qasf.dll --> wmvdmod.dll DMO MP43 Mpeg43 Decoder DMO Microsoft Corporation qasf.dll --> mp43dmod.dll DMO MPG4 Mpeg4 Decoder DMO Microsoft Corporation qasf.dll --> mpg4dmod.dll DSH 3ivx D4 Video Encoder ** Codec not registered
  14. Ok, i did that, but the G-spot is not under the klite banner, its under its own slot on the start program lists. when i click it, a window pops up, but all of the fields are blank. :lol:
  15. What do you all think about these? Worth the cash? Good prevention? If i ever had a power issue hit my computer, i would hate to have to go through the hassle of an insurance claim. I already have two powersurge bars connecting my comp stuff.
  16. zone alarm has 3200 k give or take memory usage. is that good or bad?
  17. hello all, My movies for whatever reason wont play the picture for the most part. Now SOME of them will play all right with zoom player, but no other players. I want to be able to play them all, with any player. I dont know what happened, or what i did, but they all used to be ok. I have: media player classic windows media player zoom player cyberlink power dvd vlc media player Any of these should play these movies. i have the klmcodec 143 and a k-lite codec pack file. any suggestions? thanks!
  18. That was absolutely hilarious! LMAO!
  19. We had an incident at work years ago where someone took a bite out of a guys cheeseburger and rewrapped it as a joke. Everyone was called into the boardroom and an "investigation" took place. The guys whos cheeseburger it was wanted to start checking teeth marks in paper to see who it was. I laughed and laughed through the entire thing. Priceless.
  20. 1984


    Two muffins are in the oven. One muffin turns to the other and says" Hot in here aint it"? The other muffin says " Holy cow, a talking muffin!" :lol:
  21. I have to agree. I like the fact that i joined this community while it was new and get to see the evolution of growth in the site. Kudos to Tarun on a job well done thus far-and knowing it will continue!
  22. 1984

    New Hardrive

    i mostly store video games, movies and music on the computer. i think this will do me for a long time.
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