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  1. It wasn't even an option when I right-clicked. Neither was "delete". Since I could only delete through my file-sharing program I guess it was still somehow attached. I dunno.
  2. Problem solved! I needed to delete it from the file-sharing program I was using- even though I had that program shut down. Wierd. Needless to say- don't download every pic that claims to be nudes of Michelle Rodriguez- that's all I'm gonna say. Thanks for the help, everyone. I appreciate you taking time to help a dumb schlep like me.
  3. Like I said any program I use to try and delete these files does not acknowledge their exsistence. Even under their properties it says they take up no space. If rebooting from the CD doesn't work I'll post the HT log file. Thanks guys
  4. Thanks- I'll give it a try tomorrow.
  5. No. There is an explorer.exe though
  6. I tried using that program, but when I select the "jpg" file it says the name of the file is invalid. It's like they don't exist, but I see them right there! :D
  7. Hey guys- I'm the id*** Trish is trying to help. I've tried safe mode, virus scans from Norton and AVG, as well as ad-ware and Spybot. Nothing. They won't delete from my desktop- it's not even an option. The unlock thing didn't work either. I'd wipe my HD right now and start over if I knew for sure that it would eliminate any virus threat that is there. Needless to say I'm wide open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help.
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