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  1. Just making a bit of fun of the fact she messaged you on Facebook saying she couldn't get on the Internet anymore. But to use Facebook surely you'd need Internet. :P

    A very bad joke, I'm sorry! Forgive me! :D

    Sorry, it was late, I always tend to get carried away and stay up late when working on a computer because I like to get them back to the owner as soon as possible.

    If I had waited until today to read your post I would of got the joke.

  2. A neighbour popped up on Facebook chat asking for help because her laptop was claiming to be infected, and she couldn't get on the internet any more.

    Does this seem a bit strange to anyone else? Mindboggling! :o

    Is it strange?

    It happens to me all the time with loads of people asking for help on Facebook.

    She is actually a regular too, and one of the only ones that I don't charge to get it sorted. She is a single mum in her thirties with 5 kids, her husband died about 3 or 4 years ago, I just don't have the heart to charge her.

  3. Finally got a chance to try this tonight. A neighbour popped up on Facebook chat asking for help because her laptop was claiming to be infected, and she couldn't get on the internet any more.

    I told her to bring it over, sure enough it was infected, with a rogue anti-virus, I think it was called Windows 7 Anti-Virus or something like that.

    It wouldn't let me run MBAM, so rather than mess around trying things, I downloaded Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta , booted from it and it found 3 severe/high alert threats that it dealt with.

    Once it restarted I installed MBAM, SAS and avast using a cd that I burnt in May, so it has old definitions on it, but they still found a lot things to delete.

    Tomorrow I will connect it to the internet, update the definitions and then scan again.

    The main thing is though, Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta got me to a stage that the computer was more usable.

  4. does anyone have a link to a good system startup manager where you don't have to jump through 26 hoops of flaming fire to be able to 'check/uncheck' programs you want to start at boot?

    I use CCleaner, it don't get much easier than opening CCleaner, clicking Tools, clicking Startup then right clicking an entry followed by clicking Disable.

  5. I'd be leery with anything Comodo though. Should see our other discussions. ;)

    That did make me wonder why you had mentioned Comodo in the first place actually.

    Thanks gUiTaR_mIkE, that gives me some things to look at.


    I have mentioned http://www.clamxav.com/ to him, because reading around made it seem like a good one.

    (This all takes me back to about 12 years ago when I wasn't too clued up on Windows security and would spend ages searching, reading and trying stuff)

  6. Is anybody here a mac user, or does anybody have any knowledge of macs?

    Mainly what I am after is some information as to a good anti virus program for macs, googling it leaves me none the wiser, although I have just recommended PC Tools iAntiVirus to someone.

  7. I'm not sure it is laid out as I would like it to be.

    I would prefer to see 'Scan the system', 'Scan files or folders' and 'Immunize the system' in the top section and 'News', 'Donate' and 'Get help' in the lower section.

    Actually I have just noticed that 'Donate' is in the lower section as well. Not sure why they would add to the clutter in such a way.

    I don't think I will be using it when it is out of beta, I'll stick with MBAM and SAS which I have come to trust a lot.

  8. Or donate (lol).


    The Facebook and Twitter links are way down the page

    I totally agree with that, they are kinda lost down there.

    Surely the links could be on every forum page, up there with 'Lunarsoft Home, Wiki, Downloads News, Donate and Contact Us'

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