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  1. I can imagine MySpace being dead now but never knew it was for sale. I hated that place anyway. I honestly don't think Facebook can be bettered by anyone, it is simple to use and does the job.
  2. Other than a couple of unknown singers, I don't think I have ever become a fan of anything on facebook. I only became fans of theirs so that I know when they release another song.
  3. It's 28 years since I started enjoying the drink, don't think things will ever change now, but you never know, it could happen. I might start acting responsible one day before it is too late. (I hit enter on here after typing a reply thinking it is going to post it, guess I spend to much time on facebook these days lol)
  4. hahaha thank you kind sir, I will be retiring for the night shortly, need to finish chucking amber nectar down my throat first though.
  5. So it goes like this, 5 years and 8 months ago I started a thread called "Anything goes topic", it eventually ran on to be 100 pages long, it was a very random thread with loads of things talked about and it would be nice to try to recreate it in this new version. The original can be found Btw Tarun, I'll reply to your pm about the other matter some other time, I was on Skype talking to my son in Chicago til late tonight, or maybe I should say this morning, he seems to forget that what is only 6:30 in the evening for him is 12:30 the next morning for me.
  6. This was the first thing I saw when I turned my tv on this morning, such good news to wake up to.
  7. I had never tried it before this thread, took about 9 seconds and came up clean luckily.
  8. Not overkill, but very good, sound advice. Good stuff gUiTaR_mIkE. :)
  9. BlueScreenView by NirSoft comes in handy at times like this. Download link: Download here
  10. Just update it from within the program, you can't go too far wrong then.
  11. How are you anyway?

    From what I remember you was writing a book or planning to write one, did you finish it?

  12. I can see it working absolutely fine really, just like Tarun said. I use one external hard drive on multiple computers, I even use it for backing up the computers that I am working on for people. As long as it is big enough to handle the backups from numerous computers then there won't be any problems.
  13. Your first profile comment? :)

  14. This is all new to me, but I'm assuming that writing here means we can have a conversation on a profile.

  15. Hello there, long time no see. Fire away, we'll see what we can do to help you. :)
  16. Seems to be working well and is a good idea, but if an image is included at the start of the post then there is a big gap between the first line of text and subsequent lines of text. Could the formatting be altered to remove that gap?
  17. Yep, me too. Well done for spotting it, I'm sure Tarun will look at getting it fixed now.
  18. has been reminiscing on here... wow, read some stuff from as long as 5 years ago, those were the days.

    1. Tarun


      We definitely go back a ways, don't we? :)

    2. Capman
  19. I'm with Tarun on this one, I like Acers, we have three at home now. We even have an Acer desktop which has proved ok since getting it.
  20. It could be a while before I get to touch this computer again, but I will bear in mind what you said in case I come across it again Thanks Tarun.
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