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  1. No worries about answering everything, it would be impolite not to. Rocket Dock It is showing as using no CPU usage at the moment, and 12,500k Mem usage.
  2. I have the dock just because it makes the desktop look nicer and tidier, but don't put the recycle bin on it because the icon does not change to show whether the bin has anything in it or not. Also I like to be able to right click the recycle bin to empty it, whereas if it was on the dock I would actually have to open it. If you are referring to the 'get it' site, it was created as a starting point for my sparky's place forum, 'get it' was also called sparky's place at one point. The idea was that people would come there first, pick a radio station to listen to, maybe catch up on the latest news, then continue to the forum to have fun. That was when I got the idea of changing the name to 'get it', because it does exactly what it says, allows people to come and 'get it'. The members of the forum were not so keen on the forum name being changed though, they think sparky's place sounds like a pub and so represents somewhere that people would come to hang out, not that many do these days.
  3. Does it matter? Both are the same price, both almost have the same features except for the following: Windows: 1.5 GB Windows 2003 web space ASP, PHP, Perl CGI and SSI scripting Microsoft Access and more with ODBC - 1 DSN Linux: 1.5 GB Red Hat Enterprise Linux web space PHP5, Perl CGI and Python CGI scripting SSH secure shell access Direct Push mobile access for Exchange mailboxes Should any of these make any real difference to me? I'm not intending to do anything outstanding with any sites that I put online.
  4. Norton went, but I left QT on it, I did make sure everything had the latest versions though, and was allowed to delete a lot of other stuff that seemed unnecessary, he was over the moon with it. I was very surprised that it was not infected in anyway.
  5. Nokia rock, I have only owned Nokia phones since 1999, nothing else cuts it for me.
  6. I remember it looking like that screenshot, and a few other guises in between as Tarun tried various forum software before finishing with this one.
  7. Happy birthday LS. I think I was at the birth all those years ago, lol.
  8. No kidding! Everything was seriously out of date as well. His 'C' drive had about 500MB free whereas his 40 GB 'D' drive was almost empty, so I transferred his My Documents to the 'D' drive and then got to work sorting it all out. Hopefully when I give it back to him tomorrow he will be over the moon.
  9. First Look: Lavasoft Anti-Virus EX
  10. Nice, I just gave this a try, could save a lot of hassle.
  11. Some sort of Nokia, not sure of the model number. I only ever have Nokia's.
  12. I have a standard old fashioned proper ringing type tone.
  13. I went without a car for 5 months before getting this one, I was driving my sons car which is the little blue one that can be seen in the second picture.
  14. Funnily enough my sister phoned me from Australia today, she is in Perth now, she had been in Sydney for a few days prior to that though, she said that you guys were complaining about the price of fuel, and had been telling people to come over here and pay what we pay. We pay twice as much as you. She also said that everything else was well dear compared to the last time that she was there 4 years ago. Anyway, my car: 1998 Vauxhall Astra, the day I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, it needed some work doing and a good clean up.
  15. It looks free to me.
  16. Ad-Aware 2008 Free Well, not just the free version, but most of us prefer freebies.
  17. Happy Birthday Tarun, I hope it's a good one.
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