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  1. Hey, just wanted to report that my browser Search box is still glowing telling me there is a search plugin available for this site even tho I already have it installed... It should stop glowing The reason for this is the LunarsoftSearch.xml ShortName and the HTML Code Tittle on your forum don't match, if you make them the same by adding or taking away .net from one of them it will go away LunarsoftSearch.xml HTML Code:
  2. Thanks! Im gonna give Clammy a test run... AVG Free has been my bread and butter for years but im looking for something smaller if filesize. I hope its as fast as AVG Free.
  3. Same here, I dont think you can fix this... Maybe someone has a regtweak or something
  4. Its working now on the front page. I can view the jpg files you have attached to This post plus I cant repply it says im not allowed, WTF? I am logged in and stuff
  5. Its working I tested it both with IE7 and FF2 and it workded. I noticed you don't have it on the front page.
  6. Or you could copy and paste my tutorial :happybday:
  7. From your wacky friends, here is the Firefox and IE7 search Plugins file Lunarsoft.zip From All of us ricktendo64, WolfX2, Kelsenellenelvian and prx69 or whatever his name is (Cygnus) enjoy :happybday:
  8. Thank You Lunarsoft... Off Topic: Whose your Forum Skinner??? Nice Job :happybday:
  9. FireFox is known for fixing Issues very.. fast 2.0.1 will be released soon I hope you are right... I love FF
  10. POW!, To da moon Alice j/k I like Dark Side of the Moon Maybe have like a Wolf like in WolfX2's sig, a siluette of a wolf howling at the moon
  11. My name is Ricardo, im from Honduras Central America and I like to make addons and spam forums with useless topics such as this one. Spamithy, Spam, Spam.
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