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  1. I've seen it mentioned recently that Outpost uses trickery to pass some of the leaktests therefore it is not as good as it seems. I would recommend you use Comodo. Free and finishes first in the leaktests.
  2. I do too. But with it's detection rates, will it telling you your machine is clean bring relief!. I wouldn't rely on anything that didn't at least approach 90% detection. And this AV is far from that. Installing another AV is not the way to go as it's another 'Re-active Approach'. Always playing catchup to the bad guys. And with 'Heuristics Detection' still far off from 'Signature Detection', that isn't the answer either. What happens when one encounters malware that isn't in the antivirus database yet?. Good chance of infection i would say. That's why many including myself have stopped relying on this 'Re-active' approach and added a 'Pro-active' approach in the form of 'Sandbox/Virtualization' programs. There are many freeware/payware choices that take away this infection avenue as your browsers, IM's, dangerous email attachments are virualized from infecting your system.
  3. Winpooch is more classified as a 'H.I.P.S.' and should not be included here. Here is another for your test - Privatefirewall - http://www.privacyware.com/personal_firewall_2.html
  4. Your spending an awful lot of effort to use an AV that's detection rates are mediocre at best. Dr.Web and MWAV 8.x(Kaspersky Engine) blow the doors off Clamav detection wise.
  5. Here are 2 more choices for you. Free until Feb.15th/07 - MWAV 8.x - http://www.mwti.net/products/mwav/mwav.asp Dr.Web CureIt - http://www.freedrweb.com/cureit/
  6. I would suggest posting a new 'HJT' log in your previous thread.
  7. All i can say is 'Software Conflicts' are commonplace among security products. After installing 'Panda Antivirus', my machine completely locked up and had to boot to safemode to uninstall. I accepted it as that and did not view 'Panda' as a 'Bad' product. Many users find 'Spyware Terminator' a better alternative to Windows Defender as these are the only 2 'Freebies' that of Realtime Protection.
  8. And here is a quote from Eric L. Howes who is part of 'Spyware Warrior' to clear up some of the misconceptions.
  9. No i don't. What do those extreme situations have to do with Spyware Terminator
  10. Well, I wouldn't let an ex-pedophile babysit my kids either. Nor would I hire an ex-embezzlement convict to handle the economy of my company, or employ a former bank-robber at the bank. lol!
  11. Very, very 'Closed Minded'. Spyware Terminator is a fine freebie and if you read what was said on Spyware Warrior, you will see there is nothing wrong with it. I guess once someone makes a mistake in life, in your book, there is no second chance at redemption.
  12. OOOOkay! Those 2 relate In the past week, i've uploaded 3 pieces of Malware to both VirusTotal & Jotti's and in each instance, your wonderful 'Avast' failed detection. Think i'll stick with my Free KAV 6 which contains 'No Ads'.
  13. Like i said, the toolbar is an option which can be declined and once declined, no ads and no spam. I would completely agree with you if the toolbar was forced upon users but it's not! The option of not to install it is there.
  14. If you really want to see how useless AV's including Avast are against a dangerous type of malware, give this test a try. You will be in AWE!. http://www.morgud.com/interests/security/d...imulator-v2.asp
  15. First of all, before you condemn a piece of software, try understanding it first. The reason you get ads is because you 'didn't' 'De-select' the security AOL toolbar which is an option of your choice during the install process. I use it on 2 machines, declined the toolbar and have not received any spam or ads. It is a very generous freebie which achieves the same detection rates as Kaspersky 6.0 which means that it's on par with Antivir and has higher detection than both AVG & Avast. Uninstall it, use a reg cleaner and re-install without the toolbar and you will see for yourself. I have the definition updater set for every '15 minutes' and receive updates 12-15 times per day. The other freebies can't touch that!
  16. SmitFraud Infection (Spysheriff)
  17. WARNING - Do not go to link provided unless you want to become infected with the ZLOB Trojan. Just found this spam post on another forum - hxxp://oral-sex.bestpornvideosonline.info/
  18. I don't mean to step on any toes here and hope 'Tarun' doesn't mind me adding this but your 'Java' is several updates behind and many 'Vundo' infections are caught because of this. Go to ADD/REMOVE Programs and uninstall ALL versions of Java. Then proceed here - http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp and install 'Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 9'
  19. Router FirstDefense ISR - Instant Recovery Software Primary Snapshot - Kaspersky 6.0 - Kerio 4.2.2 - Winpatrol - BufferZone 2.10 (Beta Tester) On Demand - Ewido 4.0 - A-squared - SuperAntispyware Test Snapshot - AOL AVS (Kaspersky 6.0 minus some options) Excellent Freebie and No AOL spam. - Comodo - GeSWall - Winpatrol
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