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  1. He asked for an open source software, not for a shareware. "PhotoFiltre Studio is shareware and is limited to a 30-day trial period. At the end of the 30-day trial period, if you want to continue using PhotoFiltre Studio you will need to purchase a registration key from the programs author. If, on the other hand you no longer want to continue using the program you must remove it from your system immediately." PhotoFiltre is not a shareware. FhotoFiltre Studio, which I did not mention, is a shareware. Need to view the web page to see. The only differience in the two that I can find is a minor tool in the area of clone.
  2. I suggest you look at PhotoFiltre, a French Program but translated to English and many other languages. If you download all the plug-ins you might think you have PhotoShop or something similar. I've used it since finding it several years ago. It's freeware with a upgraded version for pay. Comments are that there is little difference. If you review the program, believe you will like it. www.photofiltre.com On the same page is a link to plug ins. Their pages are a little confusing to me. Work hard and you'll find all you want there.
  3. No charge. You can pay for the Deluxe version if you wish. It only gets more add-ons but basically the same program.
  4. www.totalidea.com will get you a TweakVI for Vista. http://www.pctools.com/ will get you a Firewall designed just for Vista. Those two should help you some.
  5. I have more than one handgun that "looks nice!" A lot of people do. Looking and shooting are different and you know that from the military. Most military weapons are "not nice looking" to me. Maybe some think so. My twenty two years of military service does not change that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I'm actually not that kind a soul (ask some of the members for enlightenment), but I'll help anywho....... B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bet you are a fine, generous, and helping person, in spite of what you say. Thank you for the information. Things will be fine now.
  7. Thank All for their reply. I do feel welcome here. Already I've read several things that has helped me. One thing I could use help on is the "reply to new post by email." Guess I'm missing something as I'm not sure why I'm not getting notified of replies to my post. Today I see all the post made since I singed in and this is the first I knew of them. I'm sure I've checked what I need to check to get replies. Would a kind soul guide me to the place I can check and let this choice be permanent? Thank you.
  8. See? All people like me are not dumb! I did wonder what I would do with the Chickens though. Mudd
  9. Decided not to post on thiz one one.
  10. Very Well. Dave, CapMan, or what ever. Would you accept "Hey You?" That's a popular name in my part of the Desert.
  11. To each his own. I have been associated with you a short time. New name would be like meeting a new person.
  12. http://files.ww.com/files/27933.html Hope this hasn't been by before now.
  13. Have been reading the Forum for a while. CapMan took me under his wing and invited me here. I'm an old fellow, retired military, watching time fly by. If I get in on something, please be patient with me as I'm bound to make plenty of goofs!!! Mudd
  14. Thanks CaPMan. Grouch found what she thought she wanted but after looking at the specs it wouldn't play High Definition disks and she has a HD capable TV. Will keep looking. Thanks again.
  15. I'm trying to find a good DVD Recorder/Player with VHS. The old Grouch has a ton of VHS tapes that she wants to put on DVDs. I really don't know enough to just jump in and buy one. Looking for recommendations. Brand doesn't matter to me, just want a good one. I've heard about the "Commercial Skip" and being able to Edit out bad places. Would like to have one to do that. Also would like one to play HD DVDs. I have a TV that is HD. Also any other goodies that one might need. I'm an Old F**t that has very little knowledge about technology. I've tried to keep up but stay behind. I burn disks OK, can get around the PC, usually with good results. Also, would want one that uses both +R and -R. RAM is of no interest. Anybody willing to give me a lead? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Mudd
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