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  1. Just dropping by for the first time in, oh, 2 years :)

  2. Google did provide tISP. It varies a lot by what state you are in also. If your are in Alaska, for example, good luck trying to get anything above 3 megabit for a decent price. In California you can get the same for about $20USD.
  3. Whoa, I never knew that! I recognized the St. Andrews, for example, but never knew it all went into the Union Jack. Is it true it doesn't get flown that much, Capman? Why is that?
  4. My cousins have an eMachine, 2.6 ghz with 768 MB(I added 512) of RAM. There's so much bloatware on it that it doesn't seem to do anything, however. Make sure the hard drive is 7200 RPM, too.
  5. lol, look at the tags: Tags: harley davidson id*** dear lord why do these people walk our planet "Stop!" "No dude, they're gonna beat our a**!"
  6. How about a Lunarsoft member blog? That might work... for a week :cake:
  7. I recently reactivated it with the upgrades. Nice! I may try it now... hmm... if we make something that gets Dugg, and you make a bazillion off of ads, we can we have a slice? I made a RP-ish news site for a game that I play in in WordPress, does that count? I'll go check it out the blog section now...
  8. Happened to me around 1 in 5 times. Not sure what version, though.
  9. Interesting... but I thought I'd let you guys know that Adobe Reader 8 is actually pretty good - it starts up in less than a week and has some great features... Foxit is no longer as good, with the frequent memory leaks and lock-ups =/
  10. This will let you convert ICOs to PNGs and vice versa. Then use Photoshop or other program to change the Hue/Saturation to make it pink :happybday:
  11. It looks like its just XP, with Blaero Start Orb, glass2k or Style XP.
  12. Boy was that one ugly computer case! Lian Li makes some pretty darn nice cases. Too bad they pretty expensive. +1 ditto for both of those statements, Eldmannen. Sorry, woodbutcher. It's just seems silly to have a computer with so much... superficial plastic bling. hahah... And Lian Li cases... ooooo.... too bad their models go for 10 times the cost of my case.
  13. I use a partition to install two operating systems, Linux and XP on my computer. To be honest, the open-source, included GPpart that comes with Ubuntu is the best partitioner I've ever used :happybday:
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