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  1. They sound good, I'll wait until I have my new computer so I can test them without any chance of messing up my main machine...
  2. I don't use any type of Spyware Shield, in fact I don't even use anti-virus, I've never had A problem with spyware or viruses either (I still do the occasional scan to check it), you just need to lock down your system properly :happybday:
  3. You should be able to get something good from http://www.library.2ya.com/ I can possibly get a lot of other stuff if you want it
  4. Mine is a Hitachi, I've had it for a couple of years no problems, for the first 1.5 year is was running between 55-60C And out of the other brand I prefer WD, at the school I attended the Seagate hard drives had a 10% failure rate :happybday:
  5. Hi everyone!! I joined a couple of weeks ago and finally decided to post. I'm on a number of other forums, although I don't post regularly My interests include web design, Linux and computer security. anyway I won't bore you with a long greeting, you'll learn about me as I post. :happybday:
  6. I let it run on one of my computers a while back...
  7. half the speed it is supposed to be: I'm glad I'm getting a faster connection later this month
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