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  1. I think it sucks they enabled Do Not Track policy by default. That pretty much kills it and guarantees everyone will ignore it. :( IE 11 and I think 10 are supposed to auto-update though, there is a checkbox in the about dialog.
  2. I agree! Google used to be really cool, and I liked them a lot. But this G+ on YouTube is pissing me off, and their real name policy. Also new versions of previously open source apps in Android they now don't release source code for anymore. Google is getting lame.
  3. Apparently, they blame it om some new recruit who recently joined the company. CEO Mark Shuttleworth have apologized for it. But fact is, they did abuse trademark law, and it makes you wonder what kind of people they hire. Canonical used to be a really cool company, but lately they're getting less and less cool. Also, I don't trust Mark Shuttleworth, he will say whatever he needs to say.
  4. Windows 8.1 will be like SP1 for Windows 8. So don't bother with Windows 8 if you haven't tried it already, just go straight to Windows 8.1 instead! Unfortunately they still haven't added any start menu. :(
  5. 21 not so exciting. Looking forward to 22 which will have WebRTC, and new faster OdinMonkey JavaScript engine and CSS3 flexbox. But I would really like to see it ported from Gtk 2 to Gtk 3 port, and support for <datalist> & <summary> elements, along with CSS 3 filters such as hue-rotation, grayscale, sepia, darken, brighten, etc. Also better support for HTML5 form input types such as time, date, datetime, color, number, etc.
  6. I use Microsoft Security Essentials on the Windows 8 machine at work, at home I use Linux. MSE is good for me, because it stays out of the way and doesn't bother or nag on me or slow down the computer. I don't know how good it is at catching bad stuff, but I am security conscious, so I don't worry too much.
  7. Eldmannen


    The MESS emulator have support for the TI99.
  8. To their credit Oracle is actually patching the security vulnerabilities now. Their previous modus operandi was to just ignore the security vulnerabilities for another six months until their next bi-annual Java update release.
  9. New versions of Firefox will use click-to-play on all versions of Java. So Java will not be automatically ran in the browser, it will explicitly require the user's consent.
  10. It would be pretty cool if they could automatically port it to C# / .NET. The guys at Ximian developed a tool that automatically converted Android from Java to C# / .NET, pretty cool. Source to source translation.
  11. Oracle have known about these security vulnerabilities for about half a year now and done nothing. Recently they released an update to finally fix those vulnerabilities. They only released the update after Apple and Mozilla blacklisted Java. But just some day later, someone is selling a new Java exploit.
  12. This version includes a faster JavaScript engine. IonMonkey. Also includes touch events so web pages can use touch, that will be good for HTML5 games on smartphones and tablets.
  13. Sounds like you will get those problems fixed in no time. :)
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