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  1. www.google.co.uk is mine (well technically igoogle)
  2. £50 charity jump money. Doing a sponsored charity (solo) parachute jump for my local Air Ambulance. Hello everyone, I've been so busy lately.
  3. Aries whoops..Just noticed the date of these posts.... my bad
  4. Belkin Wireless 802.11G Router. 1 Wired desktop, and 1 wireless laptop. Not a lot of problems that I couldn't handle.... except for that 1 time when I lost my internet for 1 day
  5. To continue from my other post from MSFN... If I knew the person was the same one as here then I would of posted my list on here - I feel a lot more comfortable here. Wareout Hacker Defender CWS thecoolpics[DOT]com <<<Site might of been taken down now. E2G About:Blank Try smitfraud if you can find it. Neededware Purity scan Pepper trojan (AKA Memory watcher - google for site but don't download/ install it unless you know what your doing) If you want to visit some dodgy sites to download some crap then check out the MVPs HOSTS files. It has a list of bad sites. http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.txt EDIT:> 6/12/2006 My installer for the bagle got nuked by and online AV scan....so i haven't got that installer anymore
  6. Laptop: Windows Live onecare - AV, Firewall HJT CWShredder and all the tools for specific infections Windows defender MVP Hosts file SPywareGuard Windows firewall AVG Antispyware Firefox 1.5.07 Tune up CCleaner Registry Mechanic - 1 year free Windows tune up if that counts...came with WOC. Desktop: McAfee Personnal Firewall Plus AVG Free antivirus - for me it finds more things than avast and norton. AVG Antispyware - Formarly Ewido HOSTS file Spyware blaster Ad-aware Spybot Firefox 2
  7. I remember being in the beta for it but it didn't work well for me so I left it. I remember it detecting loads of viruses in the folder on my desktop called "Infections" even after I told it not to scan it.
  8. I hardly play it anymore but: Xfire name = Coltm4carbine Player name = bubsoup Steam name = bubsoup
  9. looks like I am the latest one here...:( Happy birthday and thanks for this great site, Sorry for being late. I haven't been on these forums for a while now...too busy with life *sigh*
  10. Hi, Thanks, I ain't been on here for a while Well apart from that I don't know what to say :P
  11. i think i will vote for desktop- they are cheaper and they are faster. I think thats true but this one haven't yet (one i am on now)... only thing is i am always getting a BSoD.
  12. hi just dropping by to say merry xmas! i just bought a new laptop today and i am testing it out right now (ain't been on the net because the windows 98 was too slow,lol) anyway merry christmas! p.s nice pics. :cuddle:
  13. nice. cangrats. how much money do u get?
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