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  1. Hi Dj, Thanks for responding. I know my pc has been on a downhill path for the past year . . . it's had a lot of problems during that time. It's a workhorse and gets almost constant use (even while I'm sleeping, I have it processing data) and it's 4 years old. I've been holding it together with bandaids for a while now. I have everything backed up to an external hard drive. Yesterday, I downloaded hdtune_252 and ran the 3 tests.: Benchmark Test: Transfer Rate . . . 2.4Mb/sec, Maximuj 54.1Mb/sec, Average 43.6 Mb/sec, Access Time: 15.0 ms, Burst Rate 78.2Mb/sec, CPU Usage 15.0% Error Scan (Slow): 1 box (15Mb) bad Health: All was "OK" except for Reallocated Sector Count: Current=253, Worst=253, Threshold=63, Data=1. I know the Reallocated Sector Count is poor and I don't think a reinstallation of Windows will help, or even a reformat. Something happened to my pc within the past week and within the past week, I installed Dial-A-Fix v and IE7. It may be IE7 that's causing the problem or something else. I run a lot of spyware/adware/malware programs so I know I don't have a virus or trojan. Dial-A-Fix is a great program. I used it often. I limit it to flushing DNS (easier than going into ipconfig) and Processing Idle Tasks now, which is worth it's weight in gold for my pc. Thanks for the program and for your advice. Denise
  2. When I used the previous version of Dial-A-Fix, I used to Flush SoftwareDistribution and register dll's and on a regular basis. When I downloaded the new version and clicked to Flush SoftwareDistribution, it caused a multitude of problems with my pc's settings and I had to do a System Restore to correct the problems. When I tried to register dll's, most of them couldn't be registered. Purge SFC doesn't work either. My Windows XP Pro disk came only with SP1 and when I try to perform an SFC scan, it can't find the files it needs. I downloaded SP2 a long time ago and led the program to the file in my pc but it wouldn't accept it. I created an SP2 DVD and it wouldn't accept that either. Are there any solutions to these problems? Denise
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