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  1. Thanks for that gents. Yep, I do use CCleaner to do this currently but was wondering if there were any other 'reliable' programs that not just fulfill this role but others as well. Reason I ask, had a look at this Auslogics Boostspeed and was going to give it a try seeing it has a few applications rolled into one and am sick of having to open multiple different apps to keep my system clean and performing at its optimum. Cheers
  2. Okay, thanks folks for all the help, must say it is good to see that the level of help/advice given here has not changed from being excellent . Have followed the suggestions and was wondering does anyone have a link to a good system startup manager where you don't have to jump through 26 hoops of flaming fire to be able to 'check/uncheck' programs you want to start at boot? Cheers
  3. Hmm, any reason I need IE9 as I don't use the current version? MBAM and SAS found nothing, run them both weekly, same with a deep system av scan, using BitDefender as it suits my purposes and was rated 9/10, also Spybot runs in the background Also, how does MyDefrag compare to Auslogics DiskDefrag as it's the one I currently use? Bugger, so really nothing glaringly obvious except the O4's... hmm, will have to see what I can do without, however, it's not at startup that's the issue, system slows down usually after playing games, currently into DragonAge I & II and World of Tanks.
  4. Firstly let me say G'day all , haven't visited for a loooong time and must say it's good to see that your still up and running Tarun. Now, down to the nitty-gritty, my system's starting to become sluggish and I've run all necessary precautions and scans and have come up with zip, hence why I'm posting my HJT log in case you see something I've missed. I'm guessing if this comes up clean then it's time to go for a re-format and re-install.... /lesigh. Nothing running that shouldn't be, did this after startup, with only FF4, TB and Chrome up. Cheers Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis
  5. Knock, knock, knock. Anyone monitoring this section anymore? Cheers
  6. G'day boss, long time no see and I must say you're looking well Well, finally got a new system and managed to get broadband again, so thought it a good idea to have this rig checked for any potential nasties. So, let me know if it gets a or a . Cheers Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 3:27:11 PM, on 1/03/2010 Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906) MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18882) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rundll32.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Internode\mum.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Stardock\Obj
  7. Yep, put me down for coming across from CCleaner as well. Cheers :jump:
  8. Oh Yes, it is that bad, especially when the fastest I can get is 31.2kbs........ and I had over 60Gb of programs files, not counting all the music and game files........ might have to spend the $AU400+ and go for wireless broadband, but I'm not liking my chances getting this past the Home Finance Minister..... ::le sigh:: Cheers :gold:
  9. Hahahahaha, I don't have this problem......... mainly because my MoBo died a horrible death and now I've got nothing on my HD and need to reload and update everything again...... on DIAL-UP..... ::cries:: Cheers :gold:
  10. Happy Birthday to LS and a big Kudos to Tarun for all the behind-the-scenes hard work that he's put in for those 3 years. Cheers :gold:
  11. Have a link handy? I'm too lazy to google it..... Cheers :gold:
  12. Hmmm, wouldn't class this as a BAD thing, goes to show how quick people accept good 'programs' and how quickly they want to get them. Time to shell out some more $$$ and get yourself more bandwidth...... good luck with that. Cheers :gold:
  13. Yep, it works, thanks much for the headsup. Sidenote/Thread Hijack: My exhaulted presence will be somewhat diminshed for the next 4-6 weeks as I'm moving house and my new connection is going to be just marginally faster than a snail's pace. Going to hate leaving cable behind and downgrading to ADSL1 Cheers :)
  14. Thanks much for that. Yep, that's what I was using for FF2, but isn't compatible with FF3 yet, will try your suggested link and give that a whirl. Cheers :)
  15. Thanks for the suggestion Greenknight, but that's only a work around. As stated this wasn't an issue with FF2, but for some reason I can't get it to work in FF3. Cheers :)
  16. After having gone through this thread (and not as yet having used Outpost) do you recommend it over Comodo, or should I change to Outpost? Cheers :)
  17. G'day folks, I've been using FF3 for some time now, but I can't set up my bookmarks to open in a new tab without having to right-click on the bookmark and choosing 'Open in New Tab'. Every time I open a bookmark it loads itself in the last open tab and thereby 'unloads' that page. This didn't happen in FF2 but for the life of me I can't work out how to set this in FF3. Any ideas? Cheers :)
  18. Not really after features, IMHO they don't 'make' the program, you can have a gazillion and six features on a program, that however doesn't actually mean that it's any good. It's the functionality and 'better' results that I look for. Will give Outpost a try and go from there. Cheers :)
  19. Did a defrag, but only improved my system by 2.6%, and 2 Gb isn't enough really, especially seeing I use UTorrent a LOT. Harddrive is 80Gb, was down to 6.5Gb space left and that's when it started to bog down, got ruthless with some programs that I had and have now increased my spare room to 19Gb which has improved my system somewhat. Found a good program which shows how much room is taken up by each individual directory (and down to file level) and was able to remove old programs which I don't use any more and some left over 'crud' from previously installed programs. After readin
  20. Damnit! So what space should I leave to ensure this doesn't screw my system over? Cheers :)
  21. Okayyyyyy.. So which is the better Comodo or Outpost? Cheers :)
  22. Went from IE to Maxthon to Opera and now on FF. Just wish that all the devs would hurry up and make the add-in/plugins compatible with FF3... Cheers :)
  23. ( ::applies the RezzoRectoOldTopic spell:: ) Just to throw further confusion into the mix, have finally got my monitors set up, am now running dual 24" widescreen monitors and looking at getting another graphics card to hook up the 19" monitor (all flat screens) as well...... Yeah, yeah, I LOVE my screen real estate. Haven't looked back since hooking up the duals, great for playing games and still being able to surf/email/Vent/AIM/etc in the other 'window' without having to either minise or 'Alt-Tab' continuously. Cheers :)
  24. Generally programs are slow to load, FF takes up to 20secs to load now, when it normally would only take 5-6secs. Downloading files has tripled in time, and even booting my system takes close to 10 mins. Thinking it might be time to use this system as a boat anchor and get a new one, however, with moving house next week that's WAYYYYY down the priority list. Could it be due to all the services that are running? To get this latest log, I rebooted my system, so that everything that loads was running (I normally go into Process Explorer and close some background applications) to hopeful
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