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  1. I have it installed and keep it up-to-date, basically for the same reasons as stated by Capman. Don't really use it though
  2. Guess I'm not cool then :happybday:
  3. SpywareGuard hasn't been updated in a very long time, though.
  4. Cappy is indeed much easier to type than CaPMan. Sure can imagine you want to get rid of those capitals. Thus, do whatever makes you happy
  5. I joined a couple of weeks ago - and posted a few times - but completely forgot to say hello Thus, what I would like to say: :fish:
  6. Thanks for the 'fix'. That little ad was becoming quite annoying.
  7. Rather funny (and dangerous) incident during the Criterium International 1997: Horse on the course :happybday:
  8. Any of you familiar with Umberto Eco's (Italian scholar/ author) famous piece on The Holy War: Mac vs. Dos?
  9. I would not have associated this so-called "fresh, new icon" with Ad-Aware. It lacks the 'look and feel.' It doesn't make it terrible, it's only a big mistake. Site states they will be entering public beta shortly. So I guess we'll have to wait...
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