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  1. happy bday to lunarsoft and to tarun who kept this thing on! :gold:
  2. Hey, I was wondering what frontpage CMS do YOU like best. I've seen the CMS from IPB (getting pretty nice if you ask me), VirtuaNews (outdated but until now still the best i've seen, easy to use etc), Joomla (not so friendly to use), MKportal (lack of options). So now i wonder if there is anything that might be interesting to test. Let me know AccessIT
  3. Hey, Does someone has a tutorial (if possible a lesson) on how to make macro's in Word? I know that i can find a lot of those on internet, but i want to know your experience and which tutorial you think is the best so that i dont have to try a ton of them before i hit the right one. I am not looking for a tutorial which explains what a macro is, but one that tells me how to make pretty advanced word documents. Thanks in advance!
  4. Seems that some french people have the same problem.... here you can find more: http://www.commentcamarche.net/faq/sujet-6...album-photo-zip. if you download and run this file: http://sosvirus.changelog.fr/MSNFix.zip it will remove the malware from your computer. Worked for me. regards, AccessIT
  5. Hey, Recently my girlfriend sent me a message on MSN saying: Hey look what i did etc, then "she" sended a file to me called demon.zip. Nod32 directly removed it as being a trojan/spyware. Now i did some search on her laptop but the only thing i could find was the demon.zip file, but there must be something which is using the MSN to send it to all her contact persons.... i did a full scan with NOD32, spybot search & destroy and hitman pro but couldnt find anything.... only some cookies. did anybody experience this and how did you deal with this? regards, AccessIT
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