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  1. Thanks for all your help guys! Turns out a Blaster.Worm is the cause of my headaches. I ran 3 virus scans prior to running DAF so I was hoping that everything would be cleaned out.
  2. I'm having trouble find any information about the error i'm getting. Can you give me any background information about the Remote Procedure Call service?
  3. I work at the Geek Squad in Best Buy and first off wanted to thank you for letting us use your software. I am new to it and had some trouble after I used it. I started with repair permissions, then flush softwaredistributions, and then hit the double check for everyhing. After the computer rebooted it came up and said that there was an error in the RPC and the the system had to shut down. So I went into the services and checked for RPC and one was set to manual and one was automatic. I didn't change anything. Any ideas? I'm running v.
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