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  1. CCleaner and Defrag(with MyDefrag).. as well... about once a month. I run Avast + Firefox (with Adblock Plus).. And rarely have any problems at all with my comp... Antivirus is only really on there for peace of mind..
  2. Sorry for the late response. Does this only happen after playing the game? Or is your computer always behaving like this? Only after playing: - Does the game use any anti-cheating software that you know of? - Name of the game? If it's always like that: - I'd say go through and run the computer with as little as possible.. start -> run -> msconfig -> switch to "Diagnostic Startup" If Diagnostic Startup resolves it, I would check for anything that could possibly interact with the keyboard.. For example laptops usually have some ThinkPad app running, Screenshot apps hook the keyboard, ATI hooks the keyboard for the ATI Hotkey Poller service, etc. I'd also clean your comp as best as you can.. It could be a badly programmed keylogger thats hooked to your keyboard for all i know. I've even heard of removing the battery from laptops fixing this.. so it's a very wide issue.. which is very hard to pindown.
  3. Just a quick question.. but does this behavior persist in Safemode?
  4. Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday man. ;)
  5. I've done this twice, with 2 different routers.. Though i don't think you can have 1 wireless SSID that will merge seamlessly. (meaning you can't be on a laptop using the primary routers wireless, then go to the other side of the house and still be connected because you got in range of the secondary routers wireless) Basically just have to disable the DHCP server on the secondary router.. and set the secondary router to use an ip outside of the DHCP range of the primary router.. and Connect the Primary Router to the Secondary Router by plugging into the secondary routers LAN or if available UPLINK plugs. so you have: Internet -> Modem -> Primary Router(DHCP - DHCP Range of -> -> Secondary Router(DHCP DISABLED - Ehternet from Primary Router plugged into LAN or UPLINK slot) I'd also suggest to check this using a wired connection to make sure the 2 routers are talking.. then worry about Wireless... Wireless seems to always give me the biggest problems.
  6. since Cybrax hasn't posted back on here i'll direct him to this thread next time i see him. it's an IRC client for the Mangos WoW emulator. from my understanding it lets you do pretty much any GM(game master) commands from IRC instead of starting the game, doing an action, and logging out. looking over the source kinda makes me want to start working on my c++ irc client cybrax was helping me with lol. But to busy with C#.
  7. The problem with portable versions is that they're not always updated, and often rely on various hacks or tweaks to get them to work. for example, most portable version apps require certain command line arguments, copying files to and from certain places, and even then still sometimes leave traces in the registry. all stuff we would like to avoid as it becomes to much to update whenever a program gets updated. if the app comes with a portable version, i don't see why not.. like CCleaner has a portable version (zipped up, and just run exe)... but this would only be as long as it doesn't require unnecessary hacking/tweaking.
  8. for linux newbies i'd say it is. Theres lots of information floating around google to find whatever you need. As a linux newbie with very little usage (about 5 attempts to switch to linux).. I got Apache, Php, Mysql, Webmin, and an Email server up and running the same day. Today i installed a TeamFortress2 Dedicated Server on it and wasn't hard at all.. Just had to follow a small tutorial.
  9. Not being hasty.. just stating my opinion. The antivirus companies have already made 2 uninstallers (1 standard, and 1 incase any problems arise). In my opinion, The AV companies extra uninstaller would probably do better than an app targeted at more than one product. As a generic example... Who's software would you rather trust to remove Microsoft Hotfixes? Microsoft itself.. or Some random product?
  10. Personally i'd just stick with the official companies uninstall tool then some third party tool. this may just be me.. But i'd figure an official uninstaller would remove stuff better than a third party tool.
  11. it supports the following command line arguments. as of v1.11.204. looks like Tarun forgot to add the proxy ones to the about tab.. ---------Proxy--------- --proxy-auth:Username:Password --proxy-host:HostnameOrIp:Port ---------OS Selection overrides--------- --custom --2000 --xp --vista --seven --server2003 --server2008 I plan on adding some more in the future, but i've been too busy lately.
  12. Last Modified: 2008-06-02 i really should just delete the whole site.. i never update it. My sig i should also remove or make a new one, imageshack removed one of the images from it lol.
  13. It's mainly to make sure all traces of the app are removed. Due to how integrated Antivirus and Firewalls are to the Operating System, certain files can't be removed while windows is running. Thus it can create problems. I've never had any problems uninstalling any Antivirus except for Norton back in like 2003.. But i still run the AV Uninstall tools just to make sure.
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