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  1. Synapse's post in Portable was marked as the answer   
    The problem with portable versions is that they're not always updated, and often rely on various hacks or tweaks to get them to work.

    for example, most portable version apps require certain command line arguments, copying files to and from certain places, and even then still sometimes leave traces in the registry.

    all stuff we would like to avoid as it becomes to much to update whenever a program gets updated.

    if the app comes with a portable version, i don't see why not.. like CCleaner has a portable version (zipped up, and just run exe)... but this would only be as long as it doesn't require unnecessary hacking/tweaking.
  2. Synapse's post in Error when Starting Toolkit was marked as the answer   
    i think hunter0512 nailed it. more then likely you connect through a proxy normally, in which case it can't access lunarsoft.net for the applications file.

    if this is the case, i'll see about coding in a command line argument or proxy-config gui form for people depending upon what Tarun decides.

    Currently i'm fine tuning the code for operating system and architecture detection. but if entering in the proxy information fixes it i'll see if i can code it before 1.10's release..
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