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  1. True, although it keeps you from having to keep up with the latest versions. The latest version is always available for download from there.
  2. You can always get/run the latest version from live.sysinternals.com without having to re-download it every time. It's available in http://live.sysinternals.com web form and as a WebDAV \\live.sysinternals.com\tools fileshare as well.
  3. It might be more accurate to say that "Microsoft marketing does not want to improve privacy of IE", rather than Microsoft as a whole. I understand the sentiment, but when the product group makes a product, management is paying for it. If they want it to be less secure so that marketing can push ads, development complies or finds a new job .
  4. Considering sysinternals' autoruns has basically subsumed all of HJT's detection areas (I actually prefer the XML or CSV output from autoruns vs a HJT log) and works on XP - Win7, is HJT even really necessary anymore?
  5. Well, I live in the US, near a large city, but where I live it's somewhat rural and have cable internet access which is just about 3Mbps/256K. It'd be nice to have the kind of speed you talk about, but 3Mbps is fast enough to watch netflix and check email. If I had dial-up I'd probably just rent the movies instead of stream them, but I don't think my life would change much. Maybe I'm just older and don't care anymore .
  6. Odd thing is, the installation disk's setupp.ini file reports: How does a Product ID of 55274 with a channel ID of 270, get changed to a channel ID of 645 ? This indicates to me that the channel ID being reported in the registry sometimes may not be the one needed in the \I386 folder of the installation disk. The cause of all my problems. Is there an explanation for this ? Is there a way to take a Channel ID from the registry and definatively know what the Channel ID of an installation disk should be ? If not, should I just have defaulted to a volume license channel ID from
  7. Unfortunately, at least in the United States, acquiring a copy of the Windows media is indeed a violation of copyright, as the person who made the copy was only granted copyright to make a backup copy for him or herself. Distributing the copy violates the copyright, as does acquiring a copy of the media from anyone other than an authorized distributor, OEM, or Microsoft directly. In this case, at least in the US, it *is* a correct reading of copyright law. Acquiring a copy from just anywhere is indeed a violation of the copyright on the contents of the media. Anyone making a copy for publi
  8. Actually, it's complaining in the hardware about either the temperature of the CPU, or the fact that the VCORE set in the BIOS for the CPU is incorrect (either too high or low - 2.0 could be high for a P2 or P3, but potentially low for a P4). If you still have the motherboard manual, and you know the type of CPU you are using, you may be able to find out how to check/change the VCORE settings in the BIOS. Dial-A-Fix isn't going to help you here, as this isn't a Windows problem (it's not even a software problem, it's a hardware issue). This could also be a fan header plugged into the mothe
  9. That's the tradeoff the dev makes when s/he chooses VB - it's a RAD "language", but it won't be as complete or as detached from "runtimes" like, say, a C/C++ program will be. It's convenience means it has baggage.
  10. cluberti

    One tool

    Hm - if I could only use ONE tool, it would be the debugger. Seriously, there are only a few very, very rare circumstances where it can be fooled. And if it can be fooled, that box is already pwned, and should be wiped anyway.
  11. I think there's a general phobia of "tech" in the world, and those of us technical have done a good job of obfuscating it to the general populace (Windows/Mac UI on computers, TiVo's interface for DVRs, to name some obvious ones where the interface interacted with is SO easy compared to what's going on technically under the covers). And like anything the general public doesn't understand, they try to paint a broad brush in a negative light because as humans, let's face it, we fear the unknown as a group. Oh - and I'd fire 'em on the spot, but just my .02 .
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