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  1. Ran the latest version of rootkit revealer and these 2 entries showed up. Ran after updating XP today with the latest MS fixes. Do they belong to rootkit revealer. or to MS? I have ran RKR on 3 computers and this shows up on 2 of them. One is an Intel, dual processor and the other is an AMD Athlon 2000. They did not show under the previous version of RKR, so I don'y know if they have been there all along or if the new version checks deeper. Anyone else ran into this? HKLM\Security\Policy\Secrets\SAC* Key name contains embedded nulls HKLM\Security\Policy\Secrets\SAI* Key name contains embedded nulls Harry
  2. Welcome MUDD, you fell into good company here. Best forum I have found for answers. A fellow Texan :hello:
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