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  1. The support guy finally got back to me. He told me to lower my MTU settings in my admin panel from 1500 to 1472. Fixed all of my problems and everything is working great now. Thanks anyway guys.
  2. I downloaded their latest version of firmware, I don't exactly know what. I have connection to the net, its just msn transfers either happen at 1kbs or not at all. It's really getting frustrating between ruki and I trying to work on BDO, because this is also stopping me from being able to connect to he BDO server. I dont know about any rules set. I tried screwing around in admin panel but couldn't find anything useful.
  3. I'm just going to copy and paste the support email I sent which never got a reply. Summarizes problem etc. I'm having some trouble with transfer rates on my computer and not being able to connect to certain applications. This is primarily over messenger services. HTTP downloads go at a normal speed, but transfers over messengers go extremely slow. I tried plugging my computer back into the main cable modem and I no longer had this problem. I am also unable to connect to certain online applications when going through the router. All of the computers on the network are wired connections (There are three computers connected). In addition, I also get randomly disconnected from the internet for a second or two on all computers on the network. I have updated the routers firmware but this has not solved my problem. Thanks for your support and time. Model: WRT54G V6 Wireless Router Thanks for any help mate.
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