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  1. Hi, do you anticipate a beta version of DAF for Vista? I have spent the last two days trying to undo a problem in Windows Update. First, I could not install a new update kb925902. I was getting a code of 80070002. After doing the fixes that MS recommend to clear SoftwareDistribution, I ran into a different situation. I was finally able to install the update manually but now Windows Update constantly tells me that I need to: "Restart your computer to install important updates". No matter how many times that I restart the PC, I cannot get rid of this annoying situation and the popup windows telling me that I have to reboot. I also suspect that Windows Update will no longer pick up the new updates. Does anyone here have experience with Vista? Does anyone know of a way that I can manually reset Windows Update so that it will stop asking for a restart?? I found out about DAF in my search to fix my issue. This sounds like very useful software. Please consider a version for Vista. Thank you Mojavekroc
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