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  1. Yeah, it's cooler than I thought it'd be. I prefer C# to VB for .NET purposes, but that's because C & C++ are much better foundational languages for object-oriented programming than BASIC is, and C# is a mixture of C++ and some Object Pascal fundamentals.

  2. You can write in assembly inline (or entirely) in Delphi, and Delphi is as fast as C++ is (and I certainly can't figure out how Delphi could be considered difficult... it's exactly like VB except with the prettier Pascal grammar)

    I would only consider VB okay if you're writing in VB.net. VB6 is horrible and needs to die.

  3. gahahahaha

    I told him to do it but I didn't think he was going to actually do it.


    edit: no but actually I meant it should be made an actual team, so it shows up under his avatar. :D

  4. Freedom of Speech (better known as Freedom of Expression) means you have the freedom to express yourself without government censorship. It does not mean, however, that you are automatically entitled to a platform on which to perform your expression, which is what this is about.

    This bill only covers schools and libraries which are federally funded. Since federal funding is a choice that schools and libraries can accept or deny, no actual direct government censorship is being comitted (only the following of a contract that is entered into when funding is accepted).

    The schools and libraries under this contract can just as easily exit the contract by ceasing government funding, at which point censorship will cease (as it was only part of the funding contract).

    If you are in someone else's environment (a business that isn't yours, a library, a school, some other public place) then you do not automatically have complete freedom -- you are in someone else's house and you are under obligation to follow the contract (i.e., terms of use/acceptable use policy, etc) that you've entered into by being at said location. This also means that you can be removed from the premises if your expression is not welcomed. (That is also not a breach of freedom of speech).

  5. It's not my bug. Well, first of all, I've never had that happen. Second, there's nothing actually wrong with my batch script itself that would cause this. If secedit.exe sends a return value but stays open, that's secedit's problem :P

  6. Repair Permissions typically takes a long time, even on fast systems that have no problems.

    Also, the package on my wiki does exactly the same thing as running it from Dial-a-fix :P

  7. I'm not an MCP.  However, I am CompTIA Network+ and A+ certified.  I am currently working on my Security+ certification.  Certs. are nice to have, but not nearly as important as knowledge, experience, and plain old common sense (which a majority of people lack!).

    (I'm A+ and also certifiable)

  8. I used to use POV-Ray when I was working at Canon (between calls, when I was bored), as well was tinkering with Terragen.

    I do all of my real development in Delphi :P

  9. I use UltraISO, and yes, you can make an ISO from a CD and then burn the ISO. You could have also used Nero to make an .NRG from a disc (using the Nero's Image Writer) or just straight copy disc to disc.

  10. Just wanted to clarify for those that were confused:

    csrss.exe isn't supposed to show up in HJT. It was probably a trojan with a UNICODE name that made it look like the real spelling. The trick is that the malware authors are using cyrillic letters (like Russian) that look exactly like their English counterparts, but in code, don't count the same as English letters. They usually end up at the bottom of directory lists because they are characters that have a higher value than Z.

    You might find more of them if you do the following:

    Start > Run > cmd.exe

    cd \
    cd %systemroot%\system32
    dir /a

    At the bottom of the list, if you see anything with question marks in the filename, let us know what they are. Do not try to delete them.

  11. Well, being that you don't have 4GB of RAM, that article is irrelevant (I guess you didn't even read it, Tarun! It repeatedly talks about 3 & 4 GB of RAM :P ).

    Anyway, unless you have a separate video card, then your motherboard is using system RAM as video RAM for its onboard video chipset. It's using 24 MB right now. If you have an intel motherboard using one of Intel's latest graphics chipsets, this number may fluctuate up and down as your system demands more video RAM. You also may be able to adjust the amount of RAM it uses in system setup/BIOS (don't reduce the amount though).

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